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Dangerous Ishhq  (2012 - Hindi)

Dangerous Ishhq cumulative rating: 2.15 out of 52.15/5 (93 users)

Dangerous Ishhq critics rating: 1.5 out of 5 1.5/5 (10 critics)

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From matching Govinda's razor-sharp comic timing in so many David Dhawan entertainers, to delivering sincere, heartfelt performances in films like Fizaa and Zubeidaa, Karisma Kapoor has had no shortage of opportunities to show off her acting chops. But returning after a hiatus in director Vikram Bhatt's laughably silly 'Dangerous Ishq', the actress is limited to gritting her teeth and mouthing inane lines. Karisma stars as Sanjana, a supermodel and committed girlfriendmore

After making a series of horror films, Vikram Bhatt enters a new zone with DANGEROUS ISHHQ. This one's about Past Life Regression. For those not conversant with it, Past Life Regression is one's expedition, through meditation or hypnosis, into your previous birth. An unsolved past life experience could be distressing in one's current life. Past Life Regression or Therapy can significantly aid the person in understanding these problemsmore

1 Karisma plays supermodel Sanjana Saxena who is all set to wing off to Paris on a lucrative assignment. Instead, she lands up in three of her past lives and she looks extremely bored in each. 2 Vikram Bhatt favourite Rajniesh Duggal gets kidnapped within the first five minutes. Don’t get your hopes too high — the model-turned-actor who most often merges with the furniture in the background makes an appearance in three more reincarnations. He even mumbles Urdu in onemore

The much-hyped comeback film of Karisma Kapoor, Dangerous Ishq is a letdown, to say the least.Yes, it’s completely women centric — Karisma is there in almost every frame — with ample scope for her to showcase her histrionics but the story thatspans four, or is it five eras, and talks aboutjanam janam ka pyaar isn’t worth it. A super model Sanjana (Karisma) and her boyfriend Rohan (Rajniesh Duggal) are desperately in love with each othermore

Before the release of Dangerous Ishhq, I had heard that the film is about past life regression. After having watched the film I can confirm that it is indeed about past life regression. I can also confirm that the regression here is not confined to past life. It is also a regression into an era when Bollywood filmmakers could grossly underestimate their audiences' thinking capacity and get away with it. The film brings Karisma Kapoor back on the big screen after a six-year hiatusmore

If life was so simple and understanding problems of your present life meant sleeping on a reclining couch under the guidance of a doctor who quotes from a book about past life, all problems would have been solved. But then life is not so simple and just blaming the issues on what is happening in the 'here and now' on the 'there and then' is being an escapist. This is what exactly happens to Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) after her boyfriend Rohan (Rajneesh Duggal) is kidnappedmore

It was only a few weeks ago that producer Vikram Bhatt unleashed Hate Story, an erotic thriller about a woman scorned in the here and now. He’s back, this time as director, with another not-so-erotic thriller about a damsel in grave distress not just in this life but also in many others. Grave is the operative word here for this tale spans across as many as five centuries and as many different stories involving the same star-crossed lady. The protagonist dies many deathsmore

Supermodel Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) and Rohan (Rajniesh Duggal), are dating each other when she bags a plum modelling assignment which requires her to be in Paris for a year. She is packed and ready to fly but an inexplicable intuition holds her back and she returns to make marriage plans with Rohan. However, her whole life is thrown off gear when Rohan is kidnapped with a ransom demand of a pricey `50 crore. Troubled times lead to her discoveringmore

Reliance Entertainment, BVG Films and Dar Motion Pictures’ Dangerous Ishhq is a thriller based around the past life regressions of a girl. When supermodel Sanjana’s (Karisma Kapoor) industrialist boyfriend, Rohan (Rajniesh Duggall) is kidnapped by unknown people, Sanjana lands up in the hospital after she is hit in the head while the crime is taking place. In the hospital, Sanjana goes into a trance in which she sees Rohan in a bearded avatar calling hermore

Vikram Bhatt has been playing a very dangerous game with his films over the years. Look at his films very closely and you will see a pattern. This Bhatt doesn't care about the quality of film in terms of any standards. All he ensures is that he is giving the audience a cocktail of what they want. It's like he operating a paani puri stall when others like him are looking at opening their specialty restaurants. The Vikram Bhatt paani puri stall will ensuremore