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Dark Shadows  (2012 - English)

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Dark Shadows', the eighth collaboration between filmmaker Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, is part comedy and part horror. But in all honesty the film does little justice to either genre. Based on a popular American soap opera from the 60s and early 70s, the film stars Depp as vampire Barnabass Collins who is resurrected from his coffin in 1972 after 200 years, to find his sprawling estate in ruin, his family's fisheries business failing, and the vengeful witchmore

Believe it or not, Edward Cullen is probably in for some serious competition for vampire Barnabas Collins is worth every penny. He, like all vampires, is not only thirsty for blood, but makes the whole blood-sucking thing look so natural. He has a gift of the gab - not only when it comes to quoting from Eric Segal's The Love Story, but also while using his long-nailed fingers, fangs and eyes to hypnotize his victims. He is a charmer not just for his looksmore

That Barnabas Collins is an 18th century bloodsucking freak who literally returns from beyond the grave after 190 years is of little import to his descendant and head of the Collins’s household Elizabeth (Pfeiffer). He’s a Collins and a good man, a rare combination, she declares. The rest of the family, to hilarious effect, think him a weird, distant relative from England from where the once –prosperous family has its roots. To Barnabas, the town of Collinsport, Mainemore

Watching Johnny Depp play tricks with his long-nailed, slender fingers in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows reminded me of another of the duo's gothic-fantasy collaborations, Edward Scissorhands. The two films are in no way co-related but it is remarkable how, in both, Depp plays a character grappling with modern-day inventions. He wants to be useful but ends up either complicating a situation or causing harm. But that's never his intentionmore

It was probably inevitable – an old Gothic series, a genius filmmaker who specialises in Goth, an extremely talented writer with a penchant for edgy humor, and a cast that can make or break a genre flick. And guess what – Dark Shadows begins as a deliciously pulpy throwback to horror comedy, and ends as a monster movie of stunning disappointment. All one is left to do is file Dark Shadows and Alice in Wonderland in the mediocre Tim Burton adaptation drawermore

In 1979, a student at the California Institute of the Arts made a pencil-drawn short animation film called Stalk of the Celery Monster, featuring a monstrous dentist called Dr Maxwell Payne who preyed on female patients. The short got so much attention that the student was offered an animator’s apprenticeship at the Walt Disney studio. Tim Burton, as he was called, didn’t last long at Disney, but his long career in the macabre had been launchedmore