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Desi Boyz  (2011 - Hindi)

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Nick (I presume, Nikesh), Jerry (short for Jignesh), are both Gujarati “brothers, from another (hotter) mother.” These faux hipsters are joined by the hip, they share such chemistry that they don’t even need to talk to each other. They can telepathically read each other’s minds. So sweet. Jignace used to be a security guard at a mall, zooming around in a Segway. Nick was an investment banker. Both are now jobless, there is recession in the airmore

Desi Boyz' stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham as Jerry and Nick, best friends in London who lose their jobs when recession hits. Broke and desperate, they sign up to be male escorts – because naturally that's the only job still available during a financial meltdown! As bird-brained an idea as this may be, at least it promises not to be a prudish affair. But hell, no! Debut director Rohit Dhawan picks an unconventional premise, but doesn't have the courage to run with itmore

After regaling and entertaining moviegoers with GARAM MASALA six years ago, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham reunite in DESI BOYZ. Helmed by first-timer Rohit Dhawan, son of the badshaah of entertainers David Dhawan, this one goes a step further. Serious issues such as recession, unemployment and economic crisis have been integrated into the plotline, which compels the boyz, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, to choose an alternate job -- join a male escort agencymore

Two gigolos are touted to be the best in the business — but mention the three-letter word starting with S and ending with X and they zip up! For every correct question answered by a student, a sexy college professor sheds one piece of clothing at a time — but the student stops short of answering all so that she stops short of doing a Full Monty! A recession-hit investment banker from the London School of Economics faces rejection at every job interviewmore

It's the crackling chemistry between John Abraham and Akshay Kumar which makes Desi Boyz such a fun film. The guy bonding between them had already been showcased in Garam Masala but this film carries the camaraderie even further. True, the film doesn't boast of anything that even comes close to an intelligent quotient, but the perfectly tuned tango, salsa, hip hop between the boyz gives it a spicy edge and keeps you in your seats, goofily munching your popcornsmore

This film is a nightmare for the thinking audience. People who are used to world cinema, parallel cinema or intellectual cinema will squirm in their seats as some of the critics did when we were watching a press show of the film. But they are not the audience this film is looking for. The average pop-corn munching and coffee drinking crowd looking for some weekend fun for two hours, after a hard week’s work, will like this film. It’s simple: you don’t need to think or pondermore

Selling your body -- and, by extension, perhaps your soul -- is never easy. No matter how well you actually perform at any variant of the world's oldest profession, the very idea of being pawed at (by the undesirable, the unethical or even just the unattractive) isn't a seductive one. Being a male escort and servicing lonely women in their time of need is clearly not a job for the squeamish. Neither is watching Rohit Dhawan's Desi Boyz, a film that paints so ridiculouslymore

It’s reasonably paced; doesn’t assume the audience to have the IQ of a goat;despite objectifying women, is not entirely regressive; does justice to it production value and has even got a scene or two that will make you laugh outloud. As far as A-rated films in the masala genre go (and it’s important to qualify this), Desi Boyz — dare I say it — is not half bad. The screenplay borrows cavalierly —mostly for Akshay Kumar’s track from varied Adam Sandler filmsmore

The Desi Boys are here and contrary to their purported indecent acts, the film turns out to be a decent entertainer. Regardless of Akshay Kumar and daddy David Dhawan's legacy of farcical comedies, director Rohit Dhawan chooses story over slapstick in his debut venture. And though it has its share of inconsistencies, the desi duo is entertaining enough in the larger picture. In a recession-hit UK, it doesn't take too long for the jobless duo of Jerry (Akshay Kumar) and Nick (John Abraham)more

Boys bonding is a great subject for comedies. Tarun Mansukhani tried it in Dostana. Debutant director Rohit Dhawan gives a far more blithe and effervescent spin to that thing called friendship that makes us do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Sometimes in tandem. Desi Boyz is a very entertaining yarn about two guys in Britain taking on recession with a bit of naughty moonlighting as, ahem ahem, gigolos. Or, as brothel-chief Sanjay Duttmore