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Despicable Me critic rating ( 3.5
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Despicable Me critic rating (Times of India): 3.5
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Despicable Me critic rating ( 4
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Despicable Me critic rating (Mid-Day): 3.5
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Despicable Me critic rating (Indiatimes): 4

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Despicable Me  (2010 - English)

Despicable Me movie review, and Despicable Me critics rating, comments on Despicable Me

Despicable Me cumulative rating: 3.95 out of 53.95/5 (41 users)

Despicable Me critics rating: 3.7 out of 5 3.7/5 (5 critics)

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  • Wicked + Funny

    Despicable Me rating: 7 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 08 Aug 2010)

    Kids love animation or cartoon movies because they don’t use their logic in any of the things, not even in films, and that’s why they love these types of films. Where there are brainless funny actions, humorous script, giggling sound effects, and more importantly lots of emotions involved. And for adults, some people watch it because they like it, and reasons are many; and the rest of the people should watch to relax their mind and brain from their heavy busy schedules, as they deserve some entertainment, that too funny. “Despicable Me” is another movie which sets you relax also and for kids brainless entertainment also.


    It’s the story of about one Superbad villain “Gru”, who always loves to trouble innocent people and has a fascinating hobby of stealing. When he heard the shocking news that some other villain “Vector” has stolen the famous Egyptian pyramid, he decided that he will steal the moon from the planet to show something big in the world, as also since childhood he had a dream to steal moon. He planned to steal first the “Shrink Machine” from the govt. laboratory which they have discovered recently, and then will shrink the moon into a very small and tiny size, and then will steal it and will show it to the world that he is the “Superbad Villain” in the whole universe. But then now instead of him ‘Vector’ has stolen that ‘Shrink Machine’, and before he does anything beyond that, Mr. Gru has decided to steal it again from him. As he loves cookies, he planned to adopt three orphan little children’s from Orphan school, who were used to come his house to bug him daily for selling cookies, as it was their daily activities from school to sell cookies door to door.

    Now once Gru has adopted them, his new life begins there. His Dad feeling was coming over and over again, and so he was also getting distract from his dream and final plan. At the end, the same thing happened, which in all the animations movies were happening, Happy Ending. And finally Mr. Superbad turns into Mr. Superdad.


    The overall story is nothing new and we must have seen these types of typical stories many a times in our life, and this counts to little kids also. Now the whole film was dependent on the screenplay, which is although very much essential in all of these animation types of movies. As theme was based into Parent and Child relationship, the emotion part was the key role to attract the audiences, but also it’s not some drama kind of movie, so these emotions are very much necessary to show up in a light way, in a comic way would be much advantage. And the writer of this film has showed this successfully in the script part, but they failed little a bit in the dialogues and in one-liners department. Although the overall dialogues were indeed much funnier but not much impressive, as one animation movie should be. As these all movies are majorly meant for all the kido’s and they all deserve to be entertained that much. For the adults, it’s super. But if taken as a whole, the script and the screenplay as per their story and theme, it was super cool, super entertainment, pretty good comical, funny characteristics, good animation, good emotion, and finally a good lesson.

    Final verdict:

    For kids & adults, not watching in 3D would not be a loss, but not watching in 2D also would be a total loss.

    3.5 / 5

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