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Don 2  (2011 - Hindi)

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Don 2 cumulative rating: 3.15 out of 53.15/5 (236 users)

Don 2 critics rating: 2.65 out of 5 2.65/5 (16 critics)

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    Don 2 rating: 9 out of 10(Irfan Joomun wrote on 23 Dec 2011)

    What's at stake for SRK on Don 2 has been discussed over and over again before the release. Rather than re-stating the obvious things, let's get to the burning answer of the question - does SRK impress, does SRK silence all haters and criticism, is the King....really Back? The answer is... Yes, Yes and Yes! A solid way to describe what SRK just did with Don 2 to me comes with the net-release 'Donism Part 8' - Don ke dushman, Don ke haaton marne ke liye hi paida hote hain.

    Sure, the BO will matter more to SRK than eluding doses of fabulous scenes and dialogues. But DON 2 being a blockbuster seems almost a fated event after you've seen the movie; mainly because the movie succeed on - 3 plans.

    First, the story - though not being another 'MI' or 'James Bond' flick with loads of stunts and mystery, this one resolves on a simple story but it’s simple twists are put very very deftly in the storyline and procedures. The events are very fast-paced and the action scenes are very well-executed. It’s more like an American action serial like '24' or 'Prison Break' with loads of adrenaline-rush. Also, hats-off to include successfully, with lots of zeal, the other characters and several elements into the story - ranging from heist, deceit, blackmail, love angle and even political backdrops - without making Don 2 a mismatch of other movies.

    Second plus point - the dialogues! Almost every single line by the characters and especially Don are worth of claps & wolf-whistles. You may have 4-5 dialogues that are made to be silver-coated into brilliancy as time passes but Don 2 has like 10-15 dialogues that have that potential. Also, Shah Rukh's charisma definitely helps to make those dialogues even more funny and impactful. If you thought that all those released Dialogues promos of Don 2 were all hype for nothing, then you were wrong. Not only did Farhan and Javed Akhtar not include all those great dialogues but he also came up with other unseen yet ones and that's sheer brilliance.

    Last plus point in my eyes - Don 2 manages a feat. The movie is triumphant in making the general Bollywood movies lovers and especially stereotypic Indians to support a negative character throughout the movie. This was definitely a challenge taken by the makers of Don. And the one who completed that risk with gusto and full marks is definitely SRK. His character may wants to indulge in almost every kind of criminal activities but still, the majority of the viewers will want Don to lose against the laws. Don definitely spells a cast on you. SRK as Don is appealing, arrogant, dare-devil, wily, stylish, charismatic, awesome, magical, alluring and mesmerizing. Coming to the others' performances. All characters are well-etched out. Priyanka and Kunal do leave impression on you even if their screen-time is limited. Boman Irani is wonderful. Aly Khan and Nawwab Shah are first-rates for their characters.

    Farhan Akhtar’s attempt is clap-worthy. Though his story is simple, his screenplay is astounding. Most importantly, the story and screenplay is nail-biting and thrilling enough with no mushy parts or useless songs. Hats-off to (and I hope awards for) Javed Akhtar for dialogues as I stated already. Music by SEL is good though situational but the Don theme tune haunts you obviously thanks to Don himself.

    Some of the scenes that stood out the most:

    1. Don's intro scene
    2. The jail interaction between Vaardhaan and Don
    3. The Ballet Dance till the end of the car chase. The dialogues between Aly Khan and SRK just before Priyanka chases them will be cheered with deafening claps and whistles.
    4. How Don escapes and fools the hired goons of Jabbar and his team; with the stunt by SRK.
    5. Almost everything in second half; barring the ending perhaps. But you've already seen so much by then, that you won't care much.

    Flaws...well, SRK is so charismatic and stylish that he engulfs all the other characters in the movie as well as their footage. Om Puri, Lara Dutta and Sachin Shroff are thus wasted. Also, though some small parts of the first movie's events are re-explained, some other parts too (like what happened in those 5 years) could have been explained for more crisp understanding of this sequel. For example, what happened to Anita and how did Don meet Ayesha? Last thing is the ending! Farhan again, comes up with a twisted ending like in Don: The Chase Begins and though it's something interesting for some, I think a simpler ending will have done the job better.

    If you are still wary about the gifts you're going to give for Xmas or if you think the expenses for New Year are going to be worthless, then Don 2 is one movie which will definitely be a 'paisa-vasool' entertainment. If you're an SRK and missing this movie in cinema, then hang yourself out cause' this one is definitely one of the finest performances of SRK. Even if you're not an SRK fan, do watch it cause you might become one or atleast of Don. "Har dil mein hulchul hai, chaaya hai, dekho...DON!"

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