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Drona  (2008 - Hindi)

Drona cumulative rating: 1.45 out of 51.45/5 (68 users)

Drona critics rating: 1.75 out of 5 1.75/5 (8 critics)

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Cluck, cluck, Drona sucks. It’s a colossal waste of precious crores which could have been allocated to the Bigg Boss inmates who’re happy with mere lakhs. In fact, here’s a pathetic hotch-‘n’-potch — a manic Indiana Jaanammore

To be able to enjoy a film like Drona you have to be willing to suspend disbelief and your common sense too. If you succeed in doing that, you might agree it's a sincere attempt to translate onto Indian screens a kind of modern mythologymore

On the whole, DRONA lacks soul. At the box-office, the publicity blitzkrieg might ensure good returns in its opening 4-day weekend, but the cracks should start appearing sooner than expected, since the film fails to keep you hooked.more

Clouds cover the skies. He frowns. The ground parts. He frowns. Desert storms blow. He frowns. Petals float in the air. He frowns. Meet Drona the superhero whose only power is, you got it, to frown.more

What comes first: Special effects or story? This question is like the classic chicken-and-egg conundrum for the makers of this film, who mistakenly thought that extravagant SFX was enough to transform a jaded superhero story into box office magic.more

Inspired by graphic novels, Amar Chitra Katha comics and rooted in Indian mythology, the opening of Drona leads you to believe it’s a large-scale children’s movie, in the vein of Harry Potter. But with ‘inspirations’ like Arthur’s Excalibur,more

Creating a fantasy is like owning a box of colored crayons, some clean sheets of paper and, then, letting go. All it asks for is an untied, unpredictable and adventurous imagination.more

A wit walking out with me from the theatre said he had a suitable headline for this review. It should say, “D is silent!” The suggestion isn’t entirely misplaced. You do feel like crying out loud for the producers sometimesmore