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Dutta Vs Dutta
Dutta Vs Dutta rating: 7 out of 10

Dir: Anjan Dutt

Starring: Anjan Dutt, Ranodeep Bose, Rupa Ganguly and others ...

Story: At the forefront are these two characters. The father-Biren who is a failed lawyer from a traditional family , doesn’t have a single client(the only client is a distant relative with whom he is having an affair), he mentions Manu(the then CM Siddharta ......

Genre: Drama

Review: Kal chhobi ta dekhe eshe thekei bhabchhi, ei lekha ta kibhabe suru kora jaay? sararaat bhablam, kibhabe suru kori? tarpor shokale jokhon ei lekha ta likhte boslam tokhon mone holo, sotti katha ta likhei suru kora jaak ....

It takes courage ...

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Dutta Vs Dutta

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