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Dutta Vs Dutta  (2012 - Bengali)

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Dutta Vs Dutta cumulative rating: 3.4 out of 53.4/5 (105 users)

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  • Aditya Chakrabarty

    Excellent performances by Anjan and Ranodeep

    Dutta Vs Dutta rating: 6 out of 10

    By Aditya Chakrabarty(24 Nov 2012)

    Is it a side of Anjan Dutta? Is it autobiographical again ? Is it again a part of him being portrayed just like Ranjana Aami Aar Aashbona? Yes, maybe, but it is an excellent tale told of a father and son in the 70s. Anjan takes us back to the 70s during the beginning of the 70s when the Naxalite movement was it’s peak, the pub culture specially music scene on Park Street was developing, the hippies were coming in to the system,a pioneering rock band was developing and the political scene was very different. Basically a life and times which Anjan has passed and seen ... » read more

  • Apratim Dey

    Anectodes Spun Into Motion Picture Drama

    Dutta Vs Dutta rating: 8 out of 10

    By Apratim Dey(11 Mar 2013)

    It takes quite an effort and a heart to tell the follies of one dear one. However, if the "dear one" on question is not very close to you, maybe the work become easier. Also, when you are aspiring to be a storyteller and your family is blessed (or rather, baned) with tales of all sorts, you really want it to be brought to the foresight of public view.

    This film is one of the examples of the trend that is setting into Bengali cinema and giving it a turnover. It is a wonderful blend of the feudal-minded non-wealthy-but-hypocrite father with a carefree son. It is ... » read more

  • sanjeeb banerjee

    DUTTA V/S DUTTA - 8.5 /10

    Dutta Vs Dutta rating: 7 out of 10

    By sanjeeb banerjee(02 Dec 2012)

    Kal chhobi ta dekhe eshe thekei bhabchhi, ei lekha ta kibhabe suru kora jaay? sararaat bhablam, kibhabe suru kori? tarpor shokale jokhon ei lekha ta likhte boslam tokhon mone holo, sotti katha ta likhei suru kora jaak ....

    It takes courage to answer a call.
    It takes courage to give to all.
    It takes courage to risk your name.
    It takes courage to be true.

    Ei bohu chorchito /shruto gaaner lyrics tai bujhi Anjan Dutta'r samprotiktomo chhobi DUTTA v/s DUTTA shaarmormo! Sotti katha bolbo, jokhon DUTTA V/S DUTTA 'r prothom teaser/promo/trailor/making ... » read more

  • Sujoy Majumdar

    Splendid and Insighful

    Dutta Vs Dutta rating: 8 out of 10

    By Sujoy Majumdar (02 Dec 2012)

    Dutta versus Dutta is splendid.
    A little bit about the hollowness that had set into well heeled/educated Kolkata society from the 70s.Also shows the experiments(leftists ideas/hippy) that many were getting into .Hypocrisy of naxal (leftist) idealism and the high nose of the Bong aristocracy who had taken their place(economic/social) in society for granted.Lot of insights.Well narrated (maybe) because the topic is in many ways related to Anjan Dutta's real life.

    For those of you -not aware -- its set in 1970s Kolkata with dashes of early RocknRoll,Hippy utopia ... » read more

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