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Egaro... The Immortal XI
Egaro... The Immortal XI rating: 5 out of 10

Dir: Arun Roy

Starring: Ranodeep Bose, Hirak Das, Bijit Basu and others ...

Story: Mohun Bagan Club, the leading football club of India had created history in 1911 on 29th July by defeating East Yorkshire Regiment in the final of the I.F.A Shield after defeating teams like Rangers,St. Xavier’s, Middlesex in previous encounters and ......

Genre: Sports, Period

Review: ‘Egaro’ or Eleven is the story of eleven men fighting as a football team and also winning the I.F.A shield for Mohun Bagan barefooted. More over it is an Indian victory, no matter in what form it comes as a football match no longer remains a match , ...

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Egaro... The Immortal XI

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Egaro... The Immortal XI

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