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Flop-e  (2012 - Bengali)

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  • Flop E shouldn't flop at any cost

    Flop-e rating: 6 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 26 Feb 2012)

    What is the meaning of failure? Is it to be unsuccessfull? Does it drive or compel certain human beings to take extreme steps such as suicide? Just what might be the meaning of failure?

    ‘Flop E’ is a film which tries to find out the meaning and tries to find the connection between failure and suicide as well. The film starts with an interactive session between the host or a television channel and Pranabesh Mitra, an extremely successful industrialist and the chairman of KKN Group of Companies. While the show is going on, the news comes in that a young businessman has committed suicide as he had suffered a heavy loss in business. It is also seen that 42 young people have committed suicide in the past year. The film shifts to the next sequence where an live interactive session organized by the channel to find out the reason behind so many young people committing suicide takes place where a psychologist and an economist are also present along with Prananbesh.While the discussion takes place, the economist points out to Pranabesh that he would never be able to understand why people end their lives as he had never faced failure. This sets Pranabesh thinking and this gets the audience to think as well. This makes him makes his company officials with a business whereby he would face a loss in the first year of operations! Unique! Why is it so that the director wants to associate suicide with failure? A suicide might take place because of depression, alcoholism, sexual assault, mental torture or for a host of other reasons? Maybe the director wanted this particular reason called ‘Failure’ to be highlighted otherwise the film wouldn’t have been made.

    The scene shifts to Mrittika and Rudra.She works in KKN group under Pranabesh and Rudra, a struggling director who is looking for that one great opportunity. Incidentally Both of them were in college together and have feelings for each other since the, but have also parted ways since then due to Rudra’s stubbornness.Mrittika comes up with this idea of producing a ‘flop’ film whereby only the producers themselves would know that they are set out to produce a ‘flop’ film and not the directors. She becomes the C.E.O of the entertainment wing of KKN Group. After not being able to select any director for the project, she takes on a false identity and asks Rudra to come for a discussion and he is chosen to make the film. The film ends on a note where the fate of the film is not reveled and leaves questions unanswered.

    The film might be a little slow, but has an unique plot. On one hand, the protagonist goes out to find the meaning of failure, something which he has never experienced and whether he eventually experienced it, we do not know. On the other hand we have Mrittika who is at a crossroad herself because if the film succeeds, then she becomes a failure and if the film fails, she succeeds and Rudra becomes a failure for life. She is torn between her love and her professional commitment but she does take the gamble? The film draws a very good comparison between success and failure and shows both of them in a befitting way. The film‘s ending is excellent because had it been different, the viewers would have thought of it as just another normal film. By that ending, the director does the balancing act and maybe satisfies both types of audience who would prefer the final outcome of KKN’s production to go either way. It goes neither and the outcome is left unknown which is why the film succeeds.

    The film has only 3 or 4 recognized names in the entire cast like Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Barun Chanda, Paoli Dam and Subhrajit Dutta.Paoli stands out as Mrittika and the role suits her perfectly.Subhrajit as Rudra is good as he portrays a person who will let his dreams be washed away at any cost and he is a man who has faced failure and whether ultimately he achieves success remains to be seen.Sabyasachi appears on the scene after more than the half the film is over in a bit role but he shows portrays anger and failure in a wonderful way. It is shown how he could not accept the failure of properly conducting his mother’s last rites as even then commercialization has set in this world so much so that it had taken over his life and he could not escape it. He cries out to the world and there is an outburst. Simply marvelous. Incidentally the role of his mother in this film has actually been played by his own mother.

    The film can not afford to be a flop because otherwise this whole concept of making such a film will go in waste.

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