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Game  (2010 - Bengali)

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  • ’A different kind of a game’

    Game rating: 4 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 16 Aug 2010)

    This film is one of the most unusual, violent and gruesome films to be made in Tollywood .In fact why Tollywood, in fact even in Hindi films, we hardly get to see something like this. First the tale-

    Peter is an aged man, a loner. He discovers that he has cancer so he tries to commit suicide a few times but he is unsuccessful every time. Age also makes him psychotic. He overhears a particular conversation in the hospital in the stay (in fact a plot to kill someone’s wife).He decides to teach certain people a lesson who don’t appreciate the value of life , yet play with the life of others. He decides to play a ‘game’ with each member of that plot in order to teach them a lesson. A game where Peter makes the rules and instructs people on how to play they game.

    The lives of Anna (Rik’s girlfriend and one of the investigating officer), Simi (Rik’s daughter), Anthony(the contract killer), Tina(the doctor), Sam(the drug dealer).Rik Roy is the investigating officer.Rik Roy and his team are able to corner in on Peter Mukherjee, but he is helpless because he has taken all these prisoners and yet they must be rescued alive. For that Peter needs to be alive. The place where they are kept prisoners is an enormous attic where doors can not be easily and also the place has more than it’s share of surprises and gadgets to kill where no one can alive. Each one of them is playing a game with Peter and they must abide by his instructions otherwise they will perish. They must follow instructions and discover the clues at each place and solve the maze(yup that’s what it is).All of them have something in common which is why they have been brought together and they are all linked to Rik, other than Peter being the nemesis.
    Rik is brought to the building where they are imprisoned, but he discovers that the rest of the people are already dead and Peter decides to play a game with him. In the end Rik also perishes. In the end we discover that Peter Mukherjee is also a cancer patient and had overheard Rik’s conversation at the hospital and was aware of Rik’s plot to kill his wife and he wanted to teach every member of the plot(all his victims) a lesson and so he had played a ‘GAME’ with each of them.

    This film is definitely the most unusual film to come out of Tollywood because of it’s content. It wins hands down the first prize for the most gruesome though maybe not the most violent. Imagine this-the first opening scene of the film showing a man chained and nailed to a table.Peter is playing a game with him. He obviously had blood all over with him .He does some manage to free his hands and he screams in pains when he does so as Peter is playing a game with him, but before he can free himself before the appointed time, a bunch of long needles come crashing down and pierce him.URGH! How does did the censor board pass this? Or the sequence where Anthony is killed slowly? It is a torture for our eyes and minds because it makes us gasp. Plain and simple it is extremely sadism of the extreme nature. It is a psychotic killer, a kind of film which is not seen too much in Tollywood but then this film is of a different kind altogether. After the first sequence, Peter not only plays with the helpless victims but also starts playing a game with us as we are glued to the screen waiting to watch what will happen next. The entire film is centralized on Peter’s game and along with his game; it seems as if we are also playing along.

    Rik and Peter are the strongest characters as expected because these two are the main characters. Though Anna and Tina though still have some thing to so, the character of Sam is developed at all and Rahul as Sam is wasted and looks out of place. On top of that, inside the attic, he starts acting like a madman which didn’t go with the character at all.

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