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Game  (2011 - Hindi)

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Game cumulative rating: 2.35 out of 52.35/5 (37 users)

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  • Game Over. Lets play.

    Game rating: 3 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 01 Apr 2011)

    Disclaimer: Spoilers and myth busters ahead.

    Cheap old desi wine in a shining new bottle is what Game is all about.

    Take some old Bollywood plots, mix them in a mixer, take one failed-but-never-out-of-options or few run-out-of-options and desperate-to-do-any-roles-for-money kind of actors and one want-a-break-anyhow newcomer, put them in some nice clothes and go country hopping to some exotic locales. Don't prepare any script, and ask the actors to leave their senses at home. Voila! What you have is Game - the movie.

    All important communication happens in Hindi. The billionaire who resides in Greece likes to send letters in Hindi. Looked like he's following a directive from the Central Government on promoting the National language. And what does the billionaire do? He invites 4 people from Thailand, Turkey, Mumbai and London to Samos, Greece. You know, it's a global village and we are all connected. So, you can justify the need to take people to different countries for the shoot. Of course, Kabir Malhotra owns an island as his Executive Assistant Samara Shroff (Gauhar Khan) points out and he has adopted the villages in the island. Well, I thought billionaires buy islands for privacy and not for charity. But, Kabir Malhotra is different. I would have liked to take a walk around the island. But, I think, they got permission to shoot only in one corner of the island.

    Here are the four characters:

    1. OP Ramsay (not from Ramsay brothers, silly) played by Boman Irani (a role, he would like to quickly forget, am sure): A prime ministerial candidate in Thailand (wonder, why the country doesn't sue the producers). A candidate with problems in his country due to illegal sources of political funding.

    2. Vikram Kapoor, played by Jimmy Shergill (popular Bollywood hero): One of the Khans, maybe? A man who has the habit of killing people, stuffing them in suitcase and leaving their fingers hanging out, so that he can zip it later to prove, there is a dead body in there. Well, if he can't be a hero in real life, at least he can play a successful hero in movies.

    3. Neil Menon, played by 'The Hero', one who can do no wrong. He is the cool dude. While his friends panic, he is as cool as cucumber.

    4. Tisha Khanna, played by Shahana Goswami, a journalist whose interests include getting involved in accidents after drinking, but of course, never injured.

    All were desperately waiting for the call from Mr. Malhotra and took the next flight to Samos. Mr. Malhotra links the murder of his estranged daughter (Maya) to three of them. And Tisha is the waaris of all his fortunes, as Maya's twin sister. How she got separated and landed in London with a family is not explained (thankfully, else, that could have made the film longer). And next day, Mr. Malhotra gets murdered.

    International Vigilance Squad is the new Interpol. They are keeping an eye on everyone, and most importantly 4 Indians who are on the move across countries. And of course, most of the key employees are Indians too, including a young and beautiful Sia Agnihotri (Kangna Ranaut) who is the one in charge of investigations. She keeps circling stuff to make it look important and asks inane questions to show off her intelligence. Like in one scene, she writes on the pad, suicide and murder, and keeps circling murder. You get it, right? ;-)

    About Saraj Jane Dias, another beauty queen joining Bollywood bandwagon, what can I say? She has too small a role to be judged on performance. The director almost forgot to give her any dialogues. And she had the most cliched name too...aya. By the way, she was sold to an orphanage when she was six, forced into prostitution and danced and sells drugs at nightclubs before being bumped off. So, you know all thats required from her role, too.

    Game is supposed to be a whodunit movie. But, it soon becomes 'I know whodunit' or 'I don't care - whodunit' kind of movie. You lose interest in the first half and the director does everything to make sure, you don't get anywhere close to be interested in the proceedings on the big screen. If you are interested, you can go to the theaters to watch a predictable flow of events unfold in front of you. Of course, there are a couple of twists (if you can call them), which anyone, who has watched a thriller or read any suspense novel in his / her life can guess.

    Direction is wayward and in some cases, it seems, all the actors were directing their own scenes. Like, Abhishek Bachchan taking you a tour of Istanbul. He didn't forget to include the blue mosque, where he had earlier shot an item number with Mallika Sherawat in Guru. Almost anticipated a line, saying this part of the movie sponsored by Turkey Tourism Board. Don't be surprised, if he is chosen as the Brand Ambassador, soon. Now, what had that jog / run / chase got to do in the movie? 'No idea!'

    I have one question: I want to know, what Althea Delmas Kaushal was doing? He is credited for story and screenplay. Abhinay Deo also needs to make a good comeback with Delhi Belly to stay on course. But, of course, in Bollywood, projects don't stop coming, whether your films work or not. You don't need to look further than The Hero of this movie.

    Game is a big and expensive April fool joke on the Indian audience. Fooled you into the theaters and you will soon realize, that you have been fooled. You can only bear and grin, when you come out of the theater.

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