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Telugu movies »  Best Telugu Horror movies

Blood, mystery, fear, spirits, vampire, ghost – some of the typical elements of a horror story. They instil in us a fear of the unknown, give us sleepless nights, and make us wonder about the ‘other world’. Based on the user voting, Gomolo brings to you the Top Telugu Horror movies of all times.

  • Avunu movie details

    Avunu user rating 2.525/52.525 / 5 (43 votes)

    Released on: 21 Sep 2012

    Genre: Horror
    Director: Ravi Babu
    Cast: Harsha Vardhan, Poorna, Ravi Babu and others

    Plot: No synopsis availableAdd synopsis

  • Boochi 3D movie details

    Boochi 3D user rating 2.205/52.205 / 5 (49 votes)

    Released on: 12 Oct 2012

    Genre: Horror
    Director: Ram Gopal Varma
    Cast: Manisha Koirala, J. D. Chakravarthy, Alayana Sharma and others

    Plot: A family shifts in a new house where dramatic and horrifying things happen with them. Only a small girl in the house is able to feel the presence of the ghost.full story