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Goraay Gondogol  (2012 - Bengali)

Goraay Gondogol movie review, and Goraay Gondogol critics rating, comments on Goraay Gondogol

Goraay Gondogol cumulative rating: 3.5 out of 53.5/5 (178 users)

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  • Rahul is literally wasted

    Goraay Gondogol rating: 7 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 05 Feb 2012)

    If ‘Bye Bye Bangkok’, Aniket Chattopadhyay’s last film revolved around four couples and their antics in the Bangkok and was a situational comedy, Aniket ‘s latest film ‘Gorai Gondogol’ is again a situational l comedy though of a different type with the same group of actors and actresses(more or less just a couple of changes just like all his films).Bye Bye Bangkok was based on around 4 couples and a couple of characters thrown in here and there, but here the entire film takes place because of Rik and Pala or rather to save their marriage.

    It all starts when a pickpocket comes across Rik in a bus and discovers that the wallet has no money. Since this has never happened before he confronts Rik and hears his story out and decides to help him.How?Rik is supposed to get married to Pala, but before that he meets Pala’s extremely strict and disciplined dad who is very ritualistic and likes a traditional family. Hence a traditional family comes into being.How?The pickpocket gets his friends cum partners in crime to play the characters-Jhethu, Sejo Kaka,Sejo Kakima,Choto Kaku, Choto Kakima,Mama and ‘Bidhoba’ Pishi .His friends ?A goon, a dealer in spurious liquor, a sex worker, a female thief and a brothel madam! They try to help Rik, but the house they rent costs lakhs of rupees a month, Therefore the group ‘kidnap’ a lawyer (who turns out to be Pala’s father’s lawyer!) and get the money.Pala’s father is very impressed after meeting the family and eventually they even get married. All these characters become very close to Pala and decide to help them. When they come to know that the rented house will cost 25 crores, they kidnap a rich guy only that he turns out to be a look alike and a dreaded criminal! However all is not lost as they later discover that he was carrying diamonds worth Rs 130 crores.They become crorepatis, buy the house from the actual owner, forget their past and all of them start leading respectable lives.

    The film can not be compared with Bye Bye Bangkok as it is slightly different in nature. The lead pair specially Rahul don’t have much to do.Rahul in fact doesn’t get a scope to act much.Sampurna‘s acting skills are limited and we need to see more of her to comment further. It is the actually the ensemble cast of the Character actors who carry the film on their shoulders and everyone of them is excellent.Rudranil, Kharaj,Rajatava, Locket,Koneenica,Deepankar Dey,Kanchan,Biswanath-all of them are excellent. There are a couple of things which stand out-Kanchan, the cop fears no one including his superiors but the moment he hears that it has anything to do with Didi (YUP! Our didi!), he starts shaking in his pants! Also Deepankar Dey getting impressed with everything and everyone in Rik’s family and continuously saying ‘Ki Uccho Bangsho’ at regular intervals is a treat!Biswanath‘s wife calling him at regular intervals and asking him whether he is drinking and the caller tune being ‘Aamake Aamar Moto Thakte Dao’ is also something to watch out for as is forgetful memory. One of the best things about the film is also sequences regarding the ‘Pro Pitamahos’.It is classic!

    There are people who might say that the film should have ended with Rik and Pala’s marriage and after that it was being stretched and a bit too long and that is somewhat true, but what saves the day is the ending which washes away all such thoughts to an extent.

    There are a couple of things however which seem out of the way, one of them being a guy whose CTC is Rs 16L p.a traveling in a bus and that too without a penny in his pocket? It just doesn’t fit in the picture. Also the place where he stays seems to be a little of place with his income. The honeymoon sequence in Rajasthan doesn’t seem to be necessary as it could have been handled in a different way and there seems to be chemistry (or rather they get a chance to show any) between the lead pair.
    Though the film might not be one of the biggest success stories like Bye Bye Bangkok last year, however it should do fairly well enough to be a moderate success.Aniket will score a hat trick of successes with this film.

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