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Gorosthane Shabdhaan review by Times of India
Gorosthane Shabdhaan critic rating (Times of India): 3.5

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Gorosthane Shabdhaan  (2010 - Bengali)

Gorosthane Shabdhaan movie review, and Gorosthane Shabdhaan critics rating, comments on Gorosthane Shabdhaan

Gorosthane Shabdhaan cumulative rating: 3.05 out of 53.05/5 (10 users)

Gorosthane Shabdhaan critics rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5/5 (1 critics)

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  • Catching on to Father (the senior Ray)

    Gorosthane Shabdhaan rating: 6 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 15 Dec 2010)

    Feluda makes a comeback after his last tale Tinterrero Jishu which was a completely different kind of thriller which even took Feluda to foreign shores. Here not is the story a little different, but there are several things worth mentioning about the film.

    The film is about the Godwin family and the mystery surrounding the heirloom of the family.

    Feluda gets involved with this mystery when a sudden violent storm takes Kolkata by surprise. It also leaves Narendranath Biswas injured as he is struck by a falling tree in the South Park Street cemetery? Was it just a storm or is there any other thing behind it? Feluda starts his own investigation and unearths the mystery of Thomas Godwin and his descendants. He comes to know that Narendrenath Biswas is actually Michael N. Biswas and actually a descendant of the Godwins.His own younger brother Will had tried to kill him on the night of the storm and tried to make look like an accident and was after the family heirloom .He was extremely fond of his younger brother so he had simply kept quiet. Will had intentions of selling off the family heirloom to a very ruthless and unscrupulous collector Mahadeb Choudhury who will stop at nothing to get things in hand and so he wants Feluda out of the way and tries his best to best to get rid of him as well, but Alas! His efforts are in vain. On the other hand, you have another branch of the Godwin in Muriel Godwin who wants to protect his family’s name and heirloom at any cost though he is a perpetual gambler.Feluda has to handle all such forces and ultimately solve the mystery in his own methodical manner and tactfulness.

    The things to be noted about this film to begin with are that this story is absolutely Kolkata centric unlike the other previous Feluda films. The film is also completely different from the other films in the series by way of treatment, story telling and style. The previous films may not have been liked by other certain people including critics as specially Tinterrero Jishu was too modern and maybe even too pacy and with foreign locations, it might have spoilt the normal picture of a yesteryear Feluda films which some people have in mind. However people need to recollect that things and times change so maybe they need to change as well. Also the previous films were thrillers in the contemporary term with pace so even a lot of people who are not knowledgeable about Feluda or his films and don’t watch Bengali films might have even watched it, however this particular film will appeal to definitely all viewers , but also to a particular class of viewers. This film has a pace and style of it’s own. The particular class of people which one is talking about are the people who have grown up during the 70s or at least have knowledge regarding ‘Calcutta’ during the 70s.Certain things have had to be changed as it will be very difficult to show Calcutta during the 70s right now and also places like Blue Fox don’t exist so obviously one has to think of certain alternatives which existed then like Trincas, Chung Wah and who can forget the landmark Bourne & Shepherd studio, one of the oldest photographic studios with branches in other cities as well(though they lost most of their preserved photographs in a devastating fire in 1991).This is a name which only old timers and certain knowledgeable people will be aware of and in fact certain photographs of the ‘fictional Godwin family’ are shown in colour and sepia, they are sure to be work of the legendary studio. A lot of people will feel that with this film, Sandip Roy has at last come of age as a filmmaker and is following in his father’s footsteps as far as storytelling and treatment is concerned. Every point is detailed, methodical and yet precise. That is what makes this film unique.

    Talking about the performances, there is nothing new to be said about the performances of Sabyasachi as Feluda and Bibhu Bhattacharya as Jatayu.They are excellent and no one can think of anyone else as Feluda.Regarding Bibhu, he always keep us entertained with his one liners and his “English’.A lot of people who have been waiting to see the new Topshe, Saheb (as Parambrata is away) should be pleased. The reason that Saheb has been chosen is that Parambrata is away in London and also he has grown older. What the new Topshe does bring with him is freshness and innocence.In real life Saheb is also younger than Parambrata by some years and he is very boyish looking so that will work in his favour.He does not have many dialogues, yet his chemistry with Jatayu in reel life and real life has already got going. Let us what happens next. The revelation of the film and one of the stars of the show is undoubtedly Tinnu Anand.This actor-director who had been the senior Ray’s assistant at one time and is closely associated with the family , is brilliant as Marcus Godwin, the perpetual gambler who has squandered everything yet will protect his family’s honour at any cost. He has been able to portray this image of a gambling, reclusive, aging Anglo Indian to the fullest extent and full marks to him.Dhritiman Chatterjee as Mahadeb Choudhury is okay and Subashish as the slimy Will is good. One got to see him in a different role after a long time after his normal stereotyped role as a buffoon in most films.

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