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Gulaal critic rating (Hindustan Times): 4
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Gulaal critic rating ( 3
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Gulaal critic rating ( 2.5
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Gulaal critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
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Gulaal critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Gulaal  (2009 - Hindi)

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Gulaal cumulative rating: 3.4 out of 53.4/5 (72 users)

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  • Gulaal rating: 6 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 13 Mar 2009)

    Aarambh Hain Par Anth Nahin :

    Films with Politics and Youth have always been hard hitting and dramatic. We have some great movies with such theme like ‘Arjun’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Mere Apne’, ‘Goonj’, ‘Hasil’ and many more. Majority of them has the theme of Politician exploiting the youth and taking them on wrong path. Films whose theme was strong got good success, few dint and others were just mere copiers. Director Anurag Kashyap enters in the same genre with its own style. Will he walk on the hard hitting successful films path or vice verse ? Let’s find out.

    “Gulaal” is a story of Dilip Singh [Raja Chaudhary] a law student and a Rajput, who stays with Rananjay Singh [Abhimanyu Singh]. Dilip gets ragged in the hostel along with Anuja [Jessy Randhawa]. In order to seek revenge they team up with a powerful person Dukey Bana [Kay Kay Menon] with help of Bhatti [Deepak Dobriyal]. Dukey selects Rananjay as his youth leader who can lead a group called “Rajputana” which belongs to the Rajputs in Rajasthan. Later they come to know that Rananjay is price to his highness, who also has foster kids Karan [Aditya Srivastav] and Kiran [Ayesha Mohan]. Kiran stands against Rananjay in college election, but with support of his highness and Dukey Bana, Rananjay has full chances of winning the election. Things change as Rananjay is killed by Karan and Dilip takes place of his as G.S of the college. Kiran and Karan hatches a plot and uses Dilip to get the G.S position and reach close to Dukey Bana. What happens next is something unimaginable.

    Story is different and complex at times. There are too many sub plots in the film like Dukkey Bana’s Brother [Piyush Mishra] and his Ardhnareshwar [don’t know what was this guy doing in the film], Relation between Anuja and Dilip, Kay Kay’s personal Romantic track etc. All this slows down the pace of the film, which at times tends to be bit boring. Screenplay needed to be tighter like Anurags earlier flicks. Still the way the story is told is good and different, despite of being bit slow. Film has many great dialogs and one liner. But there are few loopholes and answers which a viewer needs. Camera work is good and tries to be different than usual flicks which at end turn out to be successful.

    Music and Lyrics by Piyush Mishra is superb and totally different. Full marks to the Lyrics which we have never heard in Hindi cinema. Loved Aarambh hain, Raat Ke Musafir, Ranaji, Sehar and Duniya are some tracks not to be missed out. Hear the different lyrics and they way it sounds especially Ranaji and Duniya.

    Director Anurag Kashyap has a different style of film making which is interesting and at times marvelous. He has given us one of most hard hitting film ‘Black Friday’. And when he made this film with youth and politics as its theme, people do expect another hard hitting film from him. He started this film with his hard hitting touch, but after the death of Rananjay the movie starts to slow down. The subject which could have been a bold and different subject, till the end of movie comes down to an average subject. Also one does feel red with weak and unjustified climax. The sudden rise of hero and romance fails to click with the film. Still there are many great scenes which need to be applauded. If those would had been continues till the end, the film would had been another great film.

    On performance basis, Its Kay Kay Menon who steals the show, he has never looked so charming and powerful. The way he gets charged up, looses his patience, tries to influence people are a treat to watch. Abhimanyu Singh is the second best actor in this film, his way of dialog dilvery, screen presence makes him powerful and one does miss him in the second half. Pankaj Jha, Dipak Dobrial, Piyush Mishra and Aditya Srivastav add another feather of good performance in their cap. Ayesha Mohan, Mahi Gill and Jessica are good. But the biggest negative part of the film is the main lead actor Raja Chaudhry, he starts off well with a looser and nerdy type of character and has done proper justice to it . But as movie progress does not lift up in his performance. At many places he was repetitive and woody. The sudden aggressions in the climax dint suit him at all.

    So bol meri ‘Filmi Khopdi’ is film mein kitna hain dum ?

    Dum hain acha dum hain but as movie goes on the dum also goes down. A good concept with good dialogs, music, direction, performance which could have been a masterpiece settles down to an average film. Still worth a watch for all the mentioned good points of the film. In one line I remember the first words of the song…Aarambh hain…will add to it ….Aarambh hain par anth nahin.

    Ratings: 2.75 /5

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