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Gulaal critic rating (Hindustan Times): 4
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Gulaal critic rating ( 3
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Gulaal critic rating ( 2.5
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Gulaal critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
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Gulaal critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Gulaal  (2009 - Hindi)

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Gulaal cumulative rating: 3.4 out of 53.4/5 (72 users)

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  • Pravir

    Gulaal rating: 6 out of 10

    By Pravir (13 Mar 2009)

    Un-Holi Intentions

    Political motives and power-game often lure and utilize the student workforce, the results of which are disastrous for the society. How the future of the nation turn into self-destructive souls is what the story is all about.

    Dukey Bana (Kay Kay Menon) is the heir of a former Rajput ruler from Rajasthan, who ended his life after being stripped down of power. Dukey leads the separatist Rajputana movement and to sustain it he is funded by many, and he uses local college funds as well. He lives a king size life, which includes his wife ... » read more

  • Plaban

    Gulaal rating: 8 out of 10

    By Plaban (18 Mar 2009)

    Anurag Kashyap is certainly riding high on his Dev D success, but Gulaal is a different genre altogether. It’s a story about power, politics and all that takes to make it big.
    The movie starts on a truly powerful note. Kay Kay Menon, delivering a long but inspiring monologue, which sets the tone for the movie.
    The movie talks about Rajputs who want to have their own share of land and rule, separate country called Rajputana. Kay Kay Menon being the flag bearer of the cause. He starts with college politics, as that’s the breeding ground for every politically awakened ... » read more

  • Aakash Barvalia

    Gulaal rating: 6 out of 10

    By Aakash Barvalia(18 Mar 2009)

    Very very hardcore movie. Honestly didn’t expected. Please watch it only if you have a powerful mind. Other wise ‘dimag ki band baj jayegi’. Some scenes were unnecessarily over stretched. Many performances were really need an applause and Kay Kay need standing ovation. Music was upto the mark but only watchable. The film is outstanding but fail to remain outstanding when climax came. At the end you would feel like, is that what director wants to highlight his message. Also didn’t expected this when I saw the first scene. But full to fida on dialogue writer. Good sense ... » read more

  • Dr.Prachi Barvalia

    Gulaal rating: 5 out of 10

    By Dr.Prachi Barvalia(19 Mar 2009)

    I am still not able to understand why they had used the title name as “Gulaal” ? The initial hour of the movie was somewhat interesting, thought the film must be even more interesting but felt very sad that I lost my money towards the end. I just don’t know what kind of message Anurag want s to say us. Because of only woman and only woman, the whole universe is getting destroyed. I think he had given the same message in DEV D. ‘ Ladki aane se vaat lagti hain’. I like the lyrics very much, please listen to it and in this movie only watch the performance given by Kay Kay ... » read more

  • Divya Solgama

    Gulaal rating: 6 out of 10

    By Divya Solgama(13 Mar 2009)

    Aarambh Hain Par Anth Nahin :

    Films with Politics and Youth have always been hard hitting and dramatic. We have some great movies with such theme like ‘Arjun’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Mere Apne’, ‘Goonj’, ‘Hasil’ and many more. Majority of them has the theme of Politician exploiting the youth and taking them on wrong path. Films whose theme was strong got good success, few dint and others were just mere copiers. Director Anurag Kashyap enters in the same genre with its own style. Will he walk on the hard hitting successful films path or vice verse ? Let’s find out.

    “Gulaal” ... » read more

  • Chakkar

    Gulaal rating: 0 out of 10

    By Chakkar (15 Jul 2009)

    Some great reviews here, so I I'll just say that the direction was top notch and Kay Kay Menon fit the role of Dukey Bana like a glove.

    The price of admission is worth it just for one scene. Guy comes running to the small-time thug, Jadhwal (Pankaj Jha), who had ragged Dilip Singh (Raja Singh Chaudhary). It's the “Mere paas maa hai” sequence. » read more

  • Mrs Chandra Banerjee

    Gulaal rating: 7 out of 10

    By Mrs Chandra Banerjee(26 Mar 2009)

    Gulaal is based on political aspirations of different people. An inocent person was drawn by circumstances to the arena of politics and was fooled by the far more intelligent people around him. his innocence was exploited and used to reach target by some others.
    The plot is good and also the actings. the movie is very colourful and it is understood that the name gulaal is derived from the colour of blood that was made to flow in abundance throuhout the movie apart from the sign of dependancy of the Rajputana cadres who embraced the gulal on their face.
    I liked ... » read more

  • Anonymous

    Gulaal rating: 0 out of 10

    By Anonymous (19 Mar 2009)

    After watching this film I just don’t know what to say and what not. The film actually showing us the various colors and shades of the Rajasthan Politics. No doubt the film was extra-ordinary but I am pretty much sure that it can’t be seen twice, atleast for me. Once is tooo much for me this find film. Although I had personally noticed that Anurag’s films are just one time watchable but a must watchable. Anurag is firmly a brilliant director. Choosing right topic and treating with all justice. Some parts were very boring and literally was haiving feel like ‘kab khatam ... » read more

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