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    ! report abusemithun shetty
    mithun shettywrote on 09 May 2009

    Trishul was the last film that yash chopra and gulshan rai worked together after the success of "deewar" and "trishul" after which yash chopra went on to produce & direct films under his own banner

    ! report abusenarendra agrawal
    narendra agrawalwrote on 23 Apr 2009

    Began his career with Bollywood as a Distributor in 1951, and later went on to become a Film Producer from 1969. His wife has passed away before him. He has one son, Rajiv Rai, and one daughter.

    He is the father of U.K. based Bollywood Film Director, Rajiv Rai and father-in-law of famous Bollywood actress, Sonam.


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