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Haunted - 3D  (2011 - Hindi)

Haunted - 3D cumulative rating: 2.9 out of 52.9/5 (30 users)

Haunted - 3D critics rating: 2.1 out of 5 2.1/5 (9 critics)

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How do you not laugh when the horror film you’re meant to be watching, unexpectedly turns into a comedy? 'Haunted', directed by Vikram Bhatt in 3D no less, is about a young man (played by Mimoh Chakraborty, now rechristened Mahaakshay) who comes to learn that the sprawling home he’s been put in charge of, has spirits running around inside for the last 80 years or so. Turns out a horny piano teacher (played by Arif Zakaria) tried to get cozymore

Before Haunted, in a studio interview…Q. What did you do when Jimmy failed at the box office? A. I did another photoshoot. Mahaakshay has arrived on Akshay Tritiya in 3D! The artiste formerly known as Mimoh! The son of the original Disco Dancer! “Woh aa gaya hai neeyati ko badalne ke liye!” Unfortunately not his own but a girl from the 1930s. Because Vikram Bhatt now only gets money to make horror films where girls get raped by evil spiritsmore

Vikram Bhatt's fascination for horror continues, even as the Indian film industry -- and the desi viewer -- desperately awaits the first authentic bone-chiller from Bollywood. Is Haunted the answer to the chill hunters' prayers? Not completely. And that's because the story is dog-eared and done-to-death. Almost every horror film has the wailing ghost of a nubile young maiden who sends outs desperate SOSs to anyone who dares to enter her domainmore

"I do not use drugs, aur mein stupid bhi nahi hu. Meine MBA kiya hai, Stanford University, America se", says Mimoh or Mahaaskshay Chakraborty some 20 minutes into Vikram Bhatt's [ Images ] latest venture, the jadedly titled Haunted. India's [ Images ] first stereoscopic 3D film or rather horror film won't shock you but may leave you numb with boredom. And here's the thing about good horror films: they're either brilliantly bloodcurdlingmore

There's something about this genre that fascinates Vikram Bhatt. We don't blame him, he's made a couple of horror/romantic thrillers in the past and seems like he's developed an affinity towards creaking doors and foggy hill stations. With Haunted he tries to do many things at the same time create horror at the centre of a love story and use the 3D medium to raise the scare-o-meter. Beginning in Ooty, the film revolves around a haunted housemore

Horror has become Vikram Bhatt's synonym now (and it seems the filmmaker is in no mood to budge from it as of now). After giving spine-chilling, edgy films like RAAZ, 1920, SHAAPIT, etc in the past Vikram is once again back with his loved genre with HAUNTED - 3D. And with his latest outing he takes horror to the next level in Indian Cinema. For the first time in the history of bollywood we meet horror in 3D format. Set in the misty mountainsmore

Vikram Bhatt might have succeeded in adding the illusion of depth in every frame of Haunted with the modern 3D technology but his story remains hollow. He might have to his credit India's first stereoscopic film but unfortunately he can't evade stereotypes in his storytelling. The plot is set on the ancient premise of a haunted mansion in a secluded hill-station, which real-estate broker Rehan (Mahaakshay) has come to sell off. Caretaker Ramu kakamore

The only new thing about `Haunted’ is that it is Bollywood horror in 3 D. The rest of it, by which we mean the principal stuff that makes it a film—story, location, characters—are all same old same old. Not just in the general ghost story sense, but in the specific out-of-Vikram-Bhatt-stable sense. In his last couple of outings, Bhatt gave us a picturesque hill station, fair misses dressed in full Victorian regalia ( gloves till the elbows, parasols etc)more

The good news is that Mahaakshay, formerly known as Mimoh, has expanded his acting range since his disastrous debut in Jimmy. The bad news is that this means that he now has two expressions, which is two more than he had in that film. In Vikram Bhatt’s Haunted, Mahaakshay looks either bewildered or tragic. Which given the circumstances, is not surprising. Mahaakshay plays Rehan, a Stanford MBA who finds himself in the unfortunate positionmore