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Hawa Bodol  (2013 - Bengali)

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Hawa Bodol cumulative rating: 3.7 out of 53.7/5 (104 users)

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  • Jay Kay

    Hawa Bodol promises and delivers, almost

    Hawa Bodol rating: 7 out of 10

    By Jay Kay(30 Mar 2013)

    Hawa Bawdol is quite literally like a breath of fresh air in the world of modern Bengali cinema, because it is not often that you find a film-maker shunning action-romance or relationship melodramas and dabbling with the fantasy comedy genre (albeit modern urban fantasy based on “body-swapping”).
    And the credit goes entirely to Parambrata Chattopadhyay for trying. All-in-all, this is a good entertainer with superb comedy dialogues, some great performances, and a few really nice songs!

    Jeet is a suave and successful businessman with a loving wife and adorable ... » read more

  • Somak Basu

    Ultimate Stress-buster!!!

    Hawa Bodol rating: 7 out of 10

    By Somak Basu(22 Mar 2013)

    Though direction is nothing new for Parambroto Chattopadhyay as his last work "Jiyo Kaka" was nicely woven movie with splendid performances by veteran actors like Rahul, Rudranil. This time he decides to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. Well, frankly saying it's always a pleasure watching Parambroto on screen and where this includes his own vision behind the movie he is working in, is something irresistible. Adding to that, Hawa Badal is a well-marketed movie that has created much hype by now with its soulful soundtrack and catchy trailer and promos.

    Though ... » read more

  • Ritwika  Das

    Rollercoaster ride

    Hawa Bodol rating: 9 out of 10

    By Ritwika Das (23 Mar 2013)

    We all somewhere envy whatever we see in the lives of others. We all at one point of time must have felt I wish I would have been him or her . What if that really happens one day like Satyajit Ray's "bhooter raja dilo bor" ?
    It may sound a bit absurd but what you suddenly wake up and see you have become what you wanted to ? It can be called as letting all the inner wishes come true . What follows next is a roller-coaster ride where you scream for the two leads , laugh out loud , feel sorry for them and yet hold on to your seats till the end .

    The lead roles ... » read more

  • sanjeeb banerjee

    Bangla cinemay onek din bade ektu swaad BODOL!

    Hawa Bodol rating: 7 out of 10

    By sanjeeb banerjee(24 Mar 2013)

    Hawa Bodol dekhte dekhte aamar duto chhobi r katha mone pore jachhilo, ek ABCL er prothom chhobi "tere mere sapne", jekhane chandrachur singh aar arshad warsi introduced hoechhilen as actors. aar ekti purono bagla chhobi "suborono golok" (jeti monoj mitra rochito natok chittyo binimoy er chitrorup) jekhaane maalik o chakorer modhye aatma binimoy hoye jaai ebong tader aar purono jibon o somporker katha mone thaake naa kintu shorir ta taader agayr motoni theke jaai! hawa bodol sedik theke alada karon ekhane chitto binomoy na hoye shorir binimoy ghote dui balyo bondhu JEET ... » read more

  • Dibakar Dutta

    Hawa Bodol review: mind-blowing, just too good!

    Hawa Bodol rating: 8 out of 10

    By Dibakar Dutta(25 Mar 2013)

    Likhchi on bangla cinema after e years almost - precisely after 29th aug 2011.... Chaplin dekhey pherar por. Eei lekha tai aar last lekha tai ...."Common"....Rudra, Indradeep and cld be some more, sorry if I have missed ou. Sedin raateo naa likhey ghumotey parini - aajO parlam naa.
    Thanks to Indradeep & Param, Arijit Singh er Aaro ekta mon bhorano gaan er jonno... He is and shall be excelling like this only.
    Raima[tonu] - aarektu parto nijer roleta ke justice ditey - but she is Good.
    Inka - Speechless
    Rudranil - Publicity helped. Colourful, less meaningful ... » read more

  • Abhishek Kanjilal

    Hawa Bodo: My thoughts!

    Hawa Bodol rating: 0 out of 10

    By Abhishek Kanjilal (26 Mar 2013)

    Nijeke boble onner moto hoye gele tate nijeo anande thakte pare na r samaj thekeo se dure sore jay. Tai je jerom like kore tar serom e thaka uchit r tar paser manusder seta bojha uchit tahole sobai bhalo thakbe.
    The way of presenting this simple theory of life is very intelligent in the movie.
    Its all about how u present. » read more

  • Aditya Chakrabarty

    First 'spark' too gross

    Hawa Bodol rating: 6 out of 10

    By Aditya Chakrabarty(23 Mar 2013)

    What do you do when you have a nagging wife who doesn’t give you any respite? Do you wish for an alternative? A different life perhaps? What if this actually happens? Then does it become a boon or a curse? Well, something of that sort happens when Jeet who has a nagging wife in the form of Tanuka(he also has a 7 yr old son) comes across his classmate after so many years one day. They make merry at a party, get drunk some more and then Jeet suddenly says what would happen if they could trade places? Well......

    Hawa Badal, Parambrata’s second film as a ... » read more

There are very few films in the industry that can reach out to your hearts and give you a complete cinema experience. The entire package of cinema has lost in the infinite crowd of glamour and glitz. These days, simplicity in the films is negligible. But, it seems Hawa Badal can help us relive the enriching experience of wholesome cinema.

Here we have an overview of what Hawa Badal is all about. Will it make it to the list of successful Bengali films? Well, let’s read on!

Hawa Bodol plot: The film revolves around Jeet who is an extremely ambitious guy. He is so busy in his professional life that he forgets to pay attention to his personal life. Due to his negligence in his personal life, his relationship with his wife gets strained and leads to many other problems. Will Jeet be able to strike a balance between his personal and professional life?

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