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# For error/omission in movie / people pages

Every movie / people page on Gomolo has a "Add / Edit Content" link at the left panel bottom. Follow the instructions to add missing information or submit any corrections to existing information. We will ensure the data submitted is correct from other sources to avoid any reporting errors and make necessary changes in movie / people pages. It may take a while for suggested corrections to reflect on the site. Please bear with us. We prefer submission through the online form. If you have any difficulty, please write to

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# For missing credits on the database

Gomolo a site for movie lovers and centered around movies. Currently, we are including only movies released in theaters for our database. If your movie was not released in theaters for some reason, but showcased in prominent film festivals or on satellite television channels, with at least 3 prominent people included in our database, we may include the movie. However, there is no assurance that the same will be included on a preferential basis. We dont give credits for Telefilms, TV serials, TV shows, Commercial, music videos, etc. however, you are free to add them to the persons biography or other sections like trivia on the page. For movies also, we prefer using the original theatrical version credits. We have a list of credits which appear related to any movie. Certain credits which are not included generally in movies, like dubbing, dialogue translation, visual effects, DVD captioning, etc may not be considered for inclusion. Please use the online form for reporting or send a mail to

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# For multiple listings for the same person or wrong credits

If there are two or more listings for the same person, you may notify us. Please send us all the names with at least one reference movie for each person to us in the given form. For example, if the pages for Amit Kumar (I) and Amit Kumar (II) refer to the same person, please send us one movie each for both of them, because there could be another Amit Kumar (III). We list filmographies / people under their most commonly and /or recently credited name. You may know, our stars sometimes change names to change their box office fortune or for other reasons. If you find any errors in our name spellings as reflected on the site, please use the online form or send us a mail with old name, one reference movie and new name at For movie spelling corrections, please send us old movie name, year of release and new movie name to

If two or more people have similar or identical names, credits can be incorrectly associated to a wrong person. In such case(s), please identify all the credits that belong to any of them so that we may move the incorrect ones to the other person(s) or create a new person. Please identify all the credits by their full title, like movie name (year) and preferably with another prominent cast / crew. For reporting such errors, please send your mails to

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# For adding a new film

We are open to adding all movies released in theaters as well as ones under production. Please send us details of the movie with at least the following details: Director, producer, banner, music director, minimum 4 cast members, story, genre. For fast inclusion, an official website link or reference to any other prominent website would definitely help. If the movie is under production and has been announced, press releases or mention in newspapers, trade journals, etc would also work. You also need to mention at least one contact person with email id and phone no for us to get in touch with you, in case, we want to verify the facts. Please use the online form or send a mail to:

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# To submit articles / features on

If you are a journalist or budding author who wants to write about the movies, people or happening in the industry or simply a movie lover, and want to share your passion and views on your favorite movies and stars, please use the online form for submission or send us your contribution to We prefer a minimum 600 word write-up. We will make best efforts to put it up on the site, once its approved by our editorial team.

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# To promote your upcoming movies

We regularly promote movies coming on theaters through various initiatives on our site. We provide an opportunity for movie producers to reach out to their target audience among our large, loyal, movie loving users in a focused manner. Please use the online form or write to us at to discuss, how we can partner in promoting your upcoming movies.

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# For general feedback on our site and features

We encourage and appreciate user feedback on the site. If you are not satisfied with any section of our site, or you feel, that we could do better, please use the online form or feel free to write to us at We also welcome any suggestions for improvement or addition of new sections on our site. And, if you like, what we are doing, please share with your friends and family.

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