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Synopsis of

Hing Ting Chhat  (2010 - Bengali)

story of Hing Ting Chhat, Hing Ting Chhat plot

Hing Ting Chhat cumulative rating: 2 out of 52/5 (5 users)

Hing Ting Chhat critics rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5/5 (1 critics)

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Hing Ting Chhat story, synopsis, plot

    Aditya Chakrabarty

    By Aditya Chakrabarty(06 Dec 2010)

    Akash suffers from O.S.D and his girlfriend is fed up because of it. They have a fight and Akash goes to North Bengal on a trip. His bus has a problem and he gets disgusted and stars walking. On the way a couple, D.K.Lodh a would be producer of films and his wife give him a lift and they go and stay in a hotel. Over r there they come across a magician Kalkut who has show in the neighbourhood next day. He has magical powers and performs a certain trick with a girl Sonali who is a ‘digital’ girl created by the Kalkut.Akash likes Sonali at first sight. The next day, he goes away to a tea estate while the Kalkut and the other couple go to Cooch Behar.Before leaving,Akash’s suitcase and Kalkut’s suitcase(similar red suitcase) gets exchanged and so Akash’s suitcase with his clothes goes to Kalkut and the magician’s suitcase with Sonali inside goes to Akash which is later discovered. Kalkut is furious and wants to cancel his shows.Akash says Kalkut’s rhyme which makes the suitcase open and Sonali appears in front of him. Kalkut asks Mrs. Lodh to be Sonali for one day and locks her up in the suitcase. They set out to locate Akash while he starts getting closer to Sonali.While coming to find Akash, the suitcase containing Mrs Lodh falls off. Kalkut appears to locate Sonali and makes her appear in his how where he says that Sonali would be performing for the last time. After the show, Kalkut discovers his suitcase missing and Sonali missing.Akash is able to take the suitcase containing Sonali away from Mr.Lodh and Sonali comes back to Akash.Kalkut had again managed to get hold of the suitcase containing Mrs.Lodh and she is freed unknowingly by him. He discards his robes and gives up magic for ever.