Photo shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Portfolio shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Hot & sexy photo shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Vidya Balan at 'The Wrong Turn' book launch
Varun Dhawan promoting 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania'
Swara Bhaskar at 'Hawa Badlo' screening

Hit Or Flop is a movie rating application, which captures individual user ratings to deliver a collective verdict on a movie. It is primarily a social media tool which allows users to rate movies, and share with friends to find movie compatibility with each other. Cast your vote today and help us determine whether the movie is Hit Or Flop!


A movie set contains 6 movies

In Hit or Flop, movies appear in a pack of six, known as a Movie Set. A set is automatically generated when you chose a particular category (e.g. Upcoming movies, New Releases etc).

  1. Click START to begin rating.
    Make sure you're logged in. If you're not a member of Gomolo yet, do Sign up. You can, however, Play As Guest with limited features.
  2. Rate the movie that appears on the page, using the stars above the movie poster. You can see related information of the movie such as year of release, cast, director, plot etc on your right.
  3. Once you rate a movie, see the Hit-Flop meter on top right to know the collective verdict on the movie. You can post what you Like/Dislike about the movie on the right. You can see which of your friends have already rated the movie and their average rating.
  4. When you finish rating all six movies in the set, you can Invite your friends (On or outside gomolo) to rate the set you've just rated. Once they rate, Hit or Flop derives the compatibility between you and your friend for that particular set. You can find all your Compatibility details on the Activity » Compatibility



how to choose a movie set?

How to choose a movie set?
There are several Categories - Upcoming, Recent Movies, Random, Movie by Genre, Movies by Decade/year, Celebs - from which you can generate a set of movies.

A category is a bucket, from which Movie sets are created.

  • Categories panel is located right at the top (Below Hit or Flop logo)
  • Click More on the Categories panel to see more categories and sub categories from the Settings page
  • To choose movies of popular celebrities, enter the name in the Search Celebs box, and select from the suggestion list that appears. Click Search Celebs button to generate the movie set.
  • You can also use the suggestions (Also Try) at the bottom of your page to get Movie Sets



Use the stars to rate a movie

How can i rate a movie?
Rate a movie by clicking the stars above the movie poster.

  • For the movies you've seen, rate them using the Stars below the label Seen this movie? Rate
  • For the movies you've not seen yet, you can predict them by using the Stars below the label Haven't seen? Predict.
  • For the movies not yet released, you can predict by using the Stars below the label Predict the movie



Hit or Flop meter indicates the verdict on the movie Hit or Flop meter indicates the verdict on the movie

What is Hit or Flop meter?
Hit or Flop meter indicates the verdict on a movie, based on members' ratings and other interactions, such as comments, reviews etc.

  • Before you rate a movie, Hit or Flop meter doesnt display the verdict. As you can see, it remains inactive.
  • Once you rate the movie, Hit or Flop calculates the verdict and displays it accordingly.



what is compatibility?

What is compatibility? How it works?
Compatibility is an indicative score based on you and your friend's movie ratings. Hit Or Flop uses an advanced algorithm to compare your taste for movies. After you rate a set of movies on Hit or Flop, invite your Friends to rate too. Once they rate the set, a Compatibility report is generated by Hit Or Flop, which you can see under your Compatibility Index tab. Click Activities » Compatibility Index on the top to find all your Compatibility history.


How can i check Compatibility for a set?
When a friend rates a movie set that you've rated, or invited him/her to rate, a Compatibility report is generated for you and and your friend. You'll get a notification mail with the link to see the Compatibility details for that set. You can find all your Compatibility history under Compatibility Index (Activities » Compatibility Index).



what is activity on Hit or Flop?

What is Activity?
Activity tab lists all your Hit or Flop activities including the Sets you've rated (My Activity), your Compatibility history (Compatibility Index), and the Movie Sets that are yet to be finished (Pending). You can also see what your Friends are rating in Friends Activity.



Invite friends to check compatibility

How can i invite Friends?
When you complete rating a Movie set, an Invitation link appears above the Rating stars.

  • 1. Click this link to go to the Invitation page.
  • 2. Choose a mail account (Gmail/yahoo/Hotmail etc)
  • 3. Enter your Email ID, Password to import the Address book
  • 4. Select the Friends you want to send Invitation, and Click Invite
  • 5. Select friends from Gomolo to invite.


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