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The top movies which missed the Oscars race this year

02 Mar 201486th Academy Awards or Oscars, ‘The Biggest Movie Event of the Year’ is here. Like every year, there are a few heartburns. Here's a list of top movies that missed getting nominations. For various reasons, you may have missed watching them, too...Read more


86th Academy Awards - the probable Oscars winners and the challengers

02 Mar 201486th Academy Awards or Oscars, ‘The Biggest Movie Event of the Year’ is here. Here's a look at the probable winners and the challengers for this year. While some of the winners seem to have bagged their trophies, there could be a few surprises, too!..Read more


Life of Tony: Sir Anthony Hopkins

21 Sep 2013With this write-up, Srijan Gupta brings before you some interesting pages from the life of acclaimed actor Sir Anthony Hopkins...Read more

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Making of the Beautiful Gangster: Al Pacino

21 Sep 2013Srijan Gupta tells us, in a nutshell, how Alfredo James Pacino earned for himself the mighty reputation that he did, and ended up being world famous as Al Pacino...Read more

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There lies The Hitch

19 Sep 2013Sir Alfred Hitchcock is one mighty man in the prestigious books of Hollywood. Through this article, Srijan Gupta brings to forefront some interesting information from the life of this legend...Read more

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Two Brothers - when tiger cubs were separated and re-united

08 Aug 2013Two Brothers is a film that thrives on Manmohan Desai’s famous lost-and-found formula. It demysitifies several myths that we humans hold for the wild cat and its kind. Today, Nalin Rai remembers the movie and tells us why he thinks it is special...Read more

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7 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Man Of Steel

14 Jun 2013Superman is back again with Man Of Steel. Here are 7 lessons we can learn on entrepreneurship from this impressive superhero flick...Read more

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7 Important lessons you can learn about Life & Business from Life Of Pi

01 Dec 2012Undoubtedly, Ang Lee's latest film Life Of Pi takes its audience on a magnificent journey. But what cannot be ignored are the wonderful lessons it subtly carries; lessons which, if inculcated in our life and business, will help us achieve a lot more than we could have ever imagined!..Read more

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[Review] Life Of Pi – A must watch to wake up the adventurer in you

23 Nov 2012Unlike most novel based films, Life Of Pi does not make us grumble. Instead, it takes us on a journey that is more magnificent than our imagination! Shoumo Bhattacharya, who saw the movie before most others, tells us why he thinks this movie deserves to win Academy Awards...Read more

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[Review] Skyfall – A true ‘Resurrection’, an apt 50th birthday present for all Bond fans

02 Nov 2012It's 50 years since James Bond first made his presence felt in the world. With the latest 007 flick out, Shoumo Bhattacharya pens his opinion about the movie. Read this beautifully crafted Skyfall review, and watch your eagerness to watch this exciting movie rise!..Read more

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