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Hothat Sedin
Hothat Sedin rating: 5 out of 10

Dir: Basu Chatterjee

Starring: Riddhima, Firdous Ahmed, Abhiraj and others ...

Story: The story is about Deepa ,a young graduate student who is in love with Sanjoy,a fellow student. He has already got a job and is more interested in his career and lacks punctuality and thoughtfulness though he is a nice guy. An interview for a job in ......

Genre: Drama, Family

Review: Basu Chatterjee’s latest film ‘Hothat Sedin’ is a complete rip off of ‘Rajnigandha’, a film that the director made in 1974. This film just happens to be the Bengali version of the former.

The story is about Deepa ,a young graduate student ...

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Hothat Sedin

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