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Housefull 2  (2012 - Hindi)

Housefull 2 cumulative rating: 2.65 out of 52.65/5 (222 users)

Housefull 2 critics rating: 2.2 out of 5 2.2/5 (16 critics)

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36%Housefull 2 movie verdict: 36%

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  •  Tasteless, talentless bunch of Sajid Khan. With so much of distasteful adult jokes, it must have had 'A' certificate (by Sanjana)+5

  •  Such a Migraine. No plot. Cheap slap-stick humor. (by Sanjana)+5

  •  Nothing, absolutely nothing. Sloppy Editing, botched up cinematography, vulgar demeaning jokes (by Sanjana)+4

  •  Ritesh fails to match the ‘Housefull’ level. Sheyas is wasted. From the heroines none of them have done any commendable job (by Divya)+3


  •  Akshay Kumar is outstanding in this film. His tribute to Ranjeet’s ‘Aaaye’ is mind blowing. You love the wicked side in him (by Divya)+4

  •  Total entertaining, super-witty dialogues, good support performances. A must watch all for ages. (by Making things happen :))+2

  •  Music by Sajid Wajid is enjoyable. My votes for: Oh Janeman Do You Know, Pappa Toh Band Bajayega (by Making things happen :))+1

  •  yes (by sambhu nath)+0

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A movie is often judged by perception, resulting in a confusing evaluation. But what if we do it in a more tangible way, which can be clearly measured.

Let’s take this scenario. A person Mr X watches ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, and likes it quite a bit. He rates the movie 4 out of 5. now, it’s clear that he has liked most of it. So, his ‘Likes’ in the movie clearly out number the ‘Dislikes’. So, if asked what are the things he liked most in the movie, what would be his points?

What he liked: 1) Rehman’s music 2) The innovative style of narration style 3) The plot...
what he didn’t like: 1) Dev Patel’s acting 2) Unrealistic usage of poverty