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I, Me Aur Main critic rating ( 2

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I, Me Aur Main  (2013 - Hindi)

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  • 'Taken For Granted' = A Psychological Virus

    I, Me Aur Main rating: 0 out of 10(Anonymous wrote on 02 Mar 2013)

    The Preamble: It was a cold winter morning of February, 2013...Sitting inside my apartment in Delhi, holding a coffee mug in my right hand, I was relishing the morning freshness, along with reading a leading News Paper...Suddenly an article regarding an upcoming movie 'I, Me Aur Main' caught my attention...I forgot who wrote that article, but it was all about "How to take care of relationships...Be it, parents-child/spouses/friends or brother-sister, relationships come under stress at various points & mainly the problem arises when we take our relationships for granted..." The idea of the movie seemed interesting to me & I immediately decided to watch it, once it gets released...Little did I know that there is an idea called 'Advertising Gimmick' too, which was hidden right there behind that nicely written article...I waited for the release of the movie & today went to watch it in a nearby theater when spring already greeted Delhi !!

    The Movie: The Story revolves around a self-obsessed music producer Ishaan Sabharwal, (Played by John Abraham) who has an inflated idea about his own qualities & his careless attitudes towards some of his relationships...His mother (Played by Zarina Wahab) pampers him a lot & taught him right from his childhood that 'He is the Best'...His sister (Played by Mini Mathur) loves him too but, at least tries to guide him in the right direction when required..Thanks to Ishaan's good looks & expertise to flirt in a decent style, that ladies find him irresistible...So, a gorgeous, career-oriented woman Anushka (Played by Chitrangda Singh) fell in love with him & Ishaan started to stay in her house...Problem is, he took every relationships for granted...Things take a new turn when Gauri (Played by Prachi Desai) comes into the scenario & Ishaan falls in love, in true sense with this girl...He starts to learn the importance of relationships...Rest of the story is better being unrevealed here...Let that part being unfolded, after watching the movie in the cinema hall !!

    Music of the film is average...Out of 7 tracks I liked 'Capuchino' & 'Darbadar' in terms of composition...Editing needed some more attention...Acting by all the leading actors/actresses is believable, with a special mention to Mini Mathur & Sheena Shahabadi (Played the role of 'Amala') for their finer performances in relatively smaller roles...Direction by debutant Kapil Sharma could have been much better...There was a scene in the film, where Gauri was teaching Ishaan how to play a piano...Here, to highlight the chemistry between Ishaan & Gauri, the director lost his focus in the technical side of playing a piano...It was clearly seen that only the fingers of Ishaan & Gauri were playing this instrument, with no movement of their legs (which is an essential part too, for foot is used to press the pedals of a piano to create the desirable sound), but, despite that the beautiful sound created (Credit goes to the world of Bollywood Movies where impossible stuff becomes possible every now & then) !!

    In the Aura of 'Realness' : The basic human tendency to take things/relationships for granted is the nucleus concept of this movie...In most cases, we realize the importance of someone's presence in our existence only when there is a situation of his/her absence in our life...I can relate to this in some way, if I look back at my childhood...Long time back, when I was just a kid, I had an affectionate neighbour...She was an old lady, who used to love me like her grand-daughter....Every afternoon, wearing an white/light colored saree (as she was an widow) she used to come to our house, with an walking stick in her left hand to chat with my grand mother...Almost every alternate day, she used to give me red-blue-yellow candies...I used to tell her about my good/mischievous activities in school/stories which I read in books...She used to hear everything patiently with a sweet smile in her face, sitting in our verandah with my grand-mother...After a couple of months, when I got new friends to play around, I started to play with them...The old lady continued to come to our place every afternoon with colourful candies, but I used to play with my folks so joyously that I gradually found it uninteresting to sit with her & tell her my stories/listen to her stories...After 2 years, when the old lady passed away, I started to feel her absence...I continued to play hide and seek with my folks with the same excitement, but, unknowingly my eyes used to search that old lady...Every afternoon, I used to feel the void in my verandah, when I could not see her anymore sitting there with my grand mother or could not hear her anymore addressing my name in her broken yet charming voice, with a kind smile brightening up her wrinkled face !!

    The Windup: The movie started well but, due to poor screenplay, fails to leave desired impact in viewer's mind...The reaction from the audience which I saw after stepping out from the movie hall, is quite discouraging for the movie...I personally won't recommend anyone to watch this movie unless they are big fans of the leading casts/want to time pass by watching a movie...Only one aspect of the movie is worth pondering & thats the idea of 'Taken for Granted predilection' which lies there in the subconscious mind of almost everybody...Once upon a time, Joyce Brothers quoted that "Being taken for granted can be a compliment..It means that you've become a comfortable, trusted element in another person's life.." Well, thats the positive side of taking a realtionship granted...But, on the flip side, there comes a saturation point in every tolerance...Only love cannot drive a relationship all the way...There comes a few stoppages like Trust/Sympathy/Dependence/Co-operation/Support where one needs to stop in the course of journey to refuel his/her vehicle of relationship...Because, everybody will reach their respective destination/goal of life someday sooner or later, but, it takes real travelers to enjoy the journey, not the destination....

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