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The Gomolo Incentive Plan (GIP)

For any legitamate activities you do on Gomolo, you can earn incentive points, which can be redeemed for attractive prizes, like Movie tickets, DVD, VCD, Movie rental, Books related to movies and more...

Write Review, synopsis, trivia, biography

You can earn points when you post a synopsis, review, trivia or biography. If you're the first to post a review / plot / trivia / bio in a movie or people page, you'll get a bonus too.

Rate movies and albums, and also become a member of as many Movies or People Clubs as you wish to earn points. You will get further incentive in case you are among the first three members of a Club

You can also earn points by Rating songs or adding comments (anywhere on a movie and people page).

It's very important to note that you must post original content to earn points. Stealing, copying from other sources are easily tracked and may invite an irrevocable ban, which means an user lose all his legitamate points.

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Invite / Add Friends

Inviting friends to join can be very rewarding. Once he/she joins gomolo, you get a Joining bonus! Now, this friend becomes your buddy for life on Gomolo and you can earn 10% of all points earned by him/her on

Meanwhile, you can earn some points for every new friend you make on Gomolo. The other person also earns the same points by this process. However you will lose the points in case you remove the friend.

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Play Molo Qube

Play Molo Qube, the ultimate Movie Lovers Quiz and earn points, just by testing your knowledge. For every correct answer earn bonus points. Special rewards await the highest scorer of the Day, Week and Month.

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Discussions on Forum

The Forum is where Movie Lovers discuss about their favourite movies and people. Start a new topic to pick up some points. Ask all your friends to contribute to your topic as for every new contribution, not only do they win points, so do you!

In case the thread you start reaches crosses a milestone, you are eligible to earn bonus points as well.

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Write Features, articles & others

Read exclusive articles about movies, actors, directors and stories about different kinds and genres of films. Be the first to read interviews of actors, actresses and what they have to say about their movies, upcoming releases and co-stars. If you feel like contributing, or writing something about your thoughts on the world of movies, submit your contribution here. You can also earn points for your contribution!

Other activities like polls (on the home page, and along with news / features) will also enable you to earn points. So, along with having lots of fun on Gomolo earn lots of points, which you can redeem for some great prizes.

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How to redeem points

Everytime you contribute some content (like review, movie synopsis, trivia etc), a certain point is credited to your account. When you accumulate enough points (as fixed by Gomolo periodically), you become eligible to redeem these points in lieu of gifts, and subsequently a link (Redeem Points) appears on your profile. When you click that link, you'll be asked to specify the points you want to redeem. A request to the Administrators is then sent notifying your claim. Once we receieve the request, your contributions are reviewed as per our Content submission guidelines.

Note that your points may be revised after the review process based on various factors like Use of inappropriate language, Poor content quality, Copying from other sources, etc. Be very careful, as in case of any spam and therefore, report of abuse against you, you can lose the points and may later be barred to win any prizes.

Please note that the whole process of contribution review may take up to 2-3 weeks. So, be patient after you send out the redeem request. Once, our review is done, you'll be notified by email about the status of your claim. If approved by Gomolo editors, and your contact details, photo and other necessary information are updated on your profile, your prize will be sent to the address (as mentioned on your profile) via courier. Usually the prize is delivered within 2 weeks after we send out the Notification mail.

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