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Iron Man 3  (2013 - English)

Iron Man 3 cumulative rating: 3.95 out of 53.95/5 (42 users)

Iron Man 3 critics rating: 3.55 out of 5 3.55/5 (7 critics)

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Trackers of the Marvel cinematic universe are likely to be disappointed

After a hiatus of three years, Robert Downey Jr. unleashes his familiar superhero persona again in the third installment of the blockbuster series. Although it provides the requisite dosage of adrenaline rush, the storyline also underscores the vulnerable side to the high-profile crimefighter. Following his near-fatal encounter at the conclusion of the collective adventures of last year's The Avengers, Tony Stark is plagued by post-traumatic stress disordermore

Iron Man 3 is every bit the superhero blockbuster you'd expect it to be

Like The Dark Knight Rises, for a major portion of the film, the Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) stays unmasked. His new armour flies piece-by-piece to his body. He stays mortal, as in most scenes, you see him wearing just one part of the armour. Right in the beginning as Tony Stark declares he is a 'changed man', you fear the character might lose out on its core personality. You wonder if Shane Black can pull it off, considering it's his first outing as an Iron Man directormore

Iron Man 3 soars higher than ever

It’s easy to forget just how much that suit weighs. And that’s because it looks so, so good. Aerodynamically magical and ergonomically perfect, the suit is a technological marvel in red-and-yellow -- it’s as if Jony Ive worked for Ferrari. Everyone’s favourite sequence in the last Iron Man film, in fact, featured the suit extending itself -- going from a briefcase to sheathing all of Tony Stark’s body in a matter of very sleek seconds. In the latest filmmore

The film is bigger, funnier and more action packed than the previous two films put together

By giving the keys of a massive superhero franchise to writer-director Shane Black, Marvel have not just restored one's faith in threequels but have also proved that going 'darker' isn't the only way to make the final chapter of a trilogy. Result: 'Iron Man 3' is bigger, funnier and more action packed than the previous two films put together. Robert Downey Jr, at the top of his game is back as Tony Stark, who is now battling post-traumatic stress disordermore

Iron Man 3 is a slick, inspired fantasy-adventure film that almost anyone can enjoy

With characters culled from Marvel Comics, we know for sure that Iron Man 3 would be packed with spectacular action and nice razor sharp, witty lines. When, the film begins with a voice-over which states - "A famous man once said, we create our own demons. Never mind who the famous man is" - we are all the more confident about the same. The voice-over at the very onset sets the tenor of the film. The first scene ushers in a New Year's partymore

Iron Man 3 is a simple, well-told tale of revenge

The third film is always the crucial one. Spider-Man 3 bungled it up and the series needed a reboot. The Dark Knight Rises was a glorious finale. Iron Man 3 serves up a thumping ace. If superhero flicks are as much driven by villains as the do-gooder in a costume, Iron Man 3 gets its quirky mojo by way of Ben Kingsleyâ??s terrorist leader Mandarin. Not since Heath Ledgerâ??s Joker has Hollywood imagined a baddie that guarantees drop-jaw surprisemore

Iron Man 3 will be an unforgettable gig for most

Suffering from the New York debacle, Tony Stark is seen suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the film’s outset. The man’s life moves undisrupted as he basks in domestic bliss with girlfriend Pepper. The flashback provides us the back story of Stark’s frivolous one night stand in Berne and the girlfriend resurfaces with a motive this time! The girlfriend’s benefactor Aldrich Killian has a exquisite Extremis project he pioneered – the hackingmore