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    ! report abuseNaved
    Naved wrote on 29 Nov 2008

    Raj Kapoor's first film 'Aag' in 1948 had Ram Ganguli as the Music director. Ram Ganguli had two assistants - Shankar and Jaykishan. Raj Kapoor observed their abilities and gave them a chance to independentaly prepare music for his next film "BARSAAT". The film and its music became super hit and the pair "Shankar-Jaikishan' established in the industry.

    ! report abuseDivya Solgama
    Divya Solgamawrote on 28 Sep 2008

    Music director Shankar Jaikishan and Ram Laxman have two things in common..first both gave superhit musics...and mainly...both continued giving music with same jodi name after the demise of their partner.


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