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Jeena - The Endless Love
Jeena - The Endless Love rating: 5 out of 10

Dir: Sanghamitra Chowdhury

Starring: Soham, Swarna Kamal Dutta, Abhishek Chatterjee and others ...

Story: Jeena, a young girl stays in a village with her parents. Her parents are always quarrelling and fighting and she has a troubled childhood. One day she is sent away to her aunt. Her aunt and uncle run a home for the underprivileged called Anand Bhavan.One ......

Genre: Drama

Review: Before Jeena ends, you might forget the story line of the film, but please don’t forget the name of the director of this film. Her name is Sanghamitra Choudhury. You have to remember her name just to avoid her next Bengali movie.
Soham is a central ...

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Jeena: The Endless Love

Rs 69.00

Jeena: the endless love

Rs 69.00

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