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Jism 2 critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2
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Jism 2 critic rating ( 2
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Jism 2 critic rating (The Telegraph): 1
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Jism 2 critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Jism 2  (2012 - Hindi)

Jism 2 movie review, and Jism 2 critics rating, comments on Jism 2

Jism 2 cumulative rating: 1.85 out of 51.85/5 (118 users)

Jism 2 critics rating: 1.6 out of 5 1.6/5 (24 critics)

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  • No Body! No Soul!

    Jism 2 rating: 3 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 03 Aug 2012)

    Pooja Bhatt as an actor did some great films under her father Mahesh Bhatt’s direction and later re-launched herself as a producer. Her initial films like ‘Tamanna’, ‘Dushman’ & ‘Zakham’ were mind blowing, but she met the box office success with films like ‘Paap’ and ‘Jism’. All these films had brilliant music score and some good performances. I still remember watching ‘Jism’, which was total clone of a Hollywood film but had fantastic music, performances and locations. This became a trade mark of Pooja Bhatt’s Produced/Directed films. Her recent films were total washout {‘Holiday’, ‘Dokha’, ‘Kajraare’, Etc} but one does remember her earlier contribution and thus with announcement of ‘Jism 2’ the expectations started to build up. They touched the uppermost ceiling after the addition of American porn star – Sunny Leone. From the day of shooting, First promo’s and recent censor issues the movie managed to get it the required publicity. So let’s find out whether she will hit the expected bull’s eye again with her latest flick or this too might be just plain usage of earlier hit films name – As her uncle and father {Mukesh & Mahesh Bhatt} does with their films {‘Raaz’, ‘Jannat’, ‘Murder’, Etc}.

    ‘Jism 2’ is an erotic thriller and thus deals with a story of a Porn Star Izna {Sunny Leone} who is approached by a secret service officer Ayaan {Arunoday Singh} to get hold of some data from a professional killer Kabir {Randeep Hooda}. Izna use to love Kabir, who left her alone one fine day. Thus Izna agrees to help Ayaan so that she too can take her vengeance, but little does she knows that she is walking in such a deadly trap where at every step there is risk of life involved. The story revolves around there three characters and Ayaan’s boss {Arif Zakaria}. The makers could have make a wonderful thriller but fails as this movie is supported by very weak screenplay and writing. As the movie starts you have a feeling that you are watching a low grade film with crap performances and production values, but the moment Randeep Hooda enters inside the film the whole scenario changes. He with his brilliant performances raises the level of the film. There are few scenes like Randeep’s entry scene, Sunny's dream, Randeep meeting Sunny and denying his love for her, Randeep asking Sunny on gun point followed by Randeep's confession towards the anti climax which are worth watching. Besides these scenes of Randeep hooda the movie has nothing more to offer other than some beautiful songs and their visuals. On the flip side as written above the movie has very bad screenplay and writing. There are some scenes like The whole Intelligence agencies plan, Sunny – Arunoday’s scenes, Arif – Arunoday’s frustration, The whole climax part, etc which are horrible to watch. We are shown that Sunny past story with Randeep, what happened after that is just for us to assume. The whole falling in love of Arunoday is omitted from the film thus making it look total artificial and fake. There are many such loopholes in the script which makes this film look like a work of a juvenile.
    Camera work is good in the songs part, where the beautiful locations of Sri Lanka are captured very well. As for the rest of the film, it’s just plain average. The movie is around 2.15 hours plus but due to its slow pace and weak script looks dragging and stretched at times. A strict editing was required at many places.

    Music by Arko mukherjee, Mithoon & others is melodious and beautiful. Songs like Yeh Kasoor, Maula, Abhi Abhi, and Yeh Jism Hai are mind blowing. Darta hoon and others are plain average. Back ground music is soothing. Tough not a single song which can surpass the music of ‘Jism’ which had some outstanding tracks {Aawarapan, Chalo, Jadu Hain Nasha Hai, etc}.

    Director Pooja Bhatt started her direction with John Abraham’s ‘Paap’, but there were rumors that she had ghost directed ‘Jism’ which was credited to Amit Saxena. After these two films her direction started to wobble and with her recent films she proved that she does not even know D of Direction. In ‘Jism 2’ she focused more on Sunny Leone’s assets rather than the story or the soul of the film. The writing is bad and direction is equally horrible supported by crap performances by Aruonday Singh, Arif Zakaria and Sunny Leone. We wish that Pooja start producing her films and make some fantastic films as she did earlier and stop directing.

    Sunny Leone will manage to pull in the front benchers and the male crowd, but besides few scenes {which I guess have already been shown on the promos} there is nothing where she will be a winner. The promo’s have more steamy scenes than in the film. As far as her performance is concern, she gives only one type of expression in all the scenes. Whether it’s a serious scene, sad scene, happy scene or romantic scene – Her face is blank, shocking and thinking with heavy panting around the breast part. Arunoday Singh and Arif Zakaria gives horrible performance which is even bad than Sunny. Both look artificial and disinterested in the film. At times they even cross the hamming line. It’s only Randeep Hooda who is a big time saving grace in this film. The moment he enters the film, there is something for you to watch. He performs so well even with such a weak script and half baked roles.

    So bol meri ‘Filmi Khopdi’ is film mein kitna hai Dum ?

    Dum ??? There is no Dum in this film except for Randeep hooda’s performance and some beautiful songs. For all those who will be watching this film for Sunny Leon’s skin show, will be highly disappointed as there is nothing except some cleavage show. I am sure the songs promo {On YouTube and other channels} have more to offer than in the film. Also I fail to understand why the Bhatt’s are using their hit films names for the sequels which have nothing to do with the first part. In ‘Jism 2’ except for the title name there is nothing like ‘Jism’ {2003} which had good story line, music and brilliant performances supported by some erotic scenes too. For me this movie is a highly disappointing as it has No Body {for those expecting to see some Skin show from Sunny} and No Soul {for all those expecting to see ‘Jism’ type erotic thriller}.

    Ratings : 1.5/5

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