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Kahaani  (2012 - Hindi)

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    Kahaani rating: 8 out of 10(Dipen Guha wrote on 18 Mar 2012)

    Notwithstanding the write-ups of many a grim-jawed critic tip-toeing to delve deep in order to trace the "negatives", " Kahaani" has resurrected and transposed " Agatha Christie" in Indian filmdom. It is not merely a crime thriller that Indian silver screen has ever witnessed. But, it would not be wrong to brand " Kahaani" as POLITICALLY PARANOID THRILLER. Motherhood has been used as the mightiest impetus that may, if situations call for, bring about topsy-turvy to the system at large. The content in the capsule goes thus:-
    Vidya Venkatesar Bagchi, a software engineer lands on Kolkata in search of her husband Arnab Bagchi.Her advent appears uncanny , as the taxi-driver comments that he has ever met a passenger rushing to a police station immediately after the arrival at the airport. In the police station she has to face quips, although she finds a respite in a junior police inspector Satyaki Sinha nicknamed as Rana. Now the wild-goose chase begins. The HR of National Data Centre( NDC), where Vidya's husband Arnab Bagchi is assumed to be an employee, dissuades her, as Agnes D'mella, the HR official informs,no employee by this name has ever held any office in NDC.But the second visit reveals a faint hope that the photograph of Vidya's husband resembles someone in NDC. Thus, the name of one Milan Damji comes to surface. It is a name, connected with the Chemical Tragedy at Kolkata Metro two years back. But, before some brighter evidence comes to pass, the ill-fated Agnes gets killed by a contract killer Bob Biswas. Now, Vidya's uncompromising quest for the wanted Damji has already rocked the IB Department, chaired by one Bhaskaran.K, who deputed Khan to look into it. The formidable, bit arrogant and haughty Khan lands up and the story takes a bold turn, specially because the heavy-weighing pregnancy of the crusader Vidya can be encashed as alibi to get at Milan Damji. Rana, the young cop is secretly assigned with the task of easing Vidya. But, Vidya who has already become the stalker along the right alley to come by the coveted vista, is obstructed and obfuscated by incidental mishaps like murders to seal the channel of further evidences and put her within an ace of a run-over by Metro rail. But in an encounter the assassin Bob Biswas is run over, but his mobile-phone, tactfully seized by Rana vents another venue, dominated by one Sridhar. This man might prove prolific to reach Damji, as some data have authenticated it. But, Sridhar, in a state of combat with Rana, gets shot down by Vidya, whose act is deliberate but action is designed as undesigned mishap. The story takes yet another twist. Khan rails at Vidya for killing Sridhar who might have proved to be the only master-key to unlock the mystery. In this situation, Vidya comes to know that she has so long been used as a catalyst, and even Rana, with whom she has been considerably attached from the humane point of view, is brought to light by which the young cop proves a puppet in the hands of the higher authority. Now, she finds herself alone under the sun and hence the Muse in her seems to voice " Jodi tor daak sune keu na ase tabe ekla chalo re ! ( Push off alone, in case your call is not responded to). But, Vidya, who has so long weathered so many storms of life that she shall go the the last to drink the lees. An alphabetical code digitally converted to trace a phone number that sets a bridge with the IB chief, who asks Vidya to contact the local police station, as he is not concerned about it. But, soon Vidya's desired encounter with Damji comes about.

    The subsequent episode ought to be a sealed book. But, this much can be hinted upon that the babe she has been carrying in her womb sees the day light on the day of Mahadasami/ Dasera, the day of Devi's immersion, when the married women sport with sindoor on foreheads with the vow of their husbands' long lives. The " expecting belly" of Vidya is destined to have no more expectancy as it has been emptied with all her amassed emotions that explode like volcanic eruptions.

    Vidya Balan, who has already made a lofty realm for her, has of course, strengthened it all the more. Anger, wrath, love, affection, feminine delicacies, and situational emotional outbursts, commanding attributes, tenacity, feelings of a childing mother, inertia caused by bearing the load within---all have been manifested so impeccably . Of all the movies, she has acted so far, this role is the toughest, and Vidya deserves the due superlative. Her role and presence in the film has established her a "nucleus" and others are just the protoplasms revolving round her. Nawajuddin Siddiqui, whose very brief role in the film " New York" foreshadowed his worth, has made his true actor's self felt and underlined in this film. Parambrato Chatterjee has given a good support, though he often falls overshadowed by Vidya's paramountcy. However, this young talented actor has come by an apt platform to have his worth felt in national level. Saswata Chatterjee, as Bob Biswas, has added a novel hue in the garb of his acting calibre. Others have done justice to their respective roles.
    Banality of unnecessary songs has been kept at bay to keep the temperament of the story unaffected. Amitabh Bachchan and Clinton Cerejo have lent voices for the Tagore's song, a bonus for the country at large. Editing was marvellous. As for direction, Sujoy Ghosh has no more to look back. A suspense thriller calls for subtle scripting to put the audience between and betwixt , and the film is credited with this quality.
    But the placing of logic is not so strong, if not fragile. The modus operandi of the Metro massacre, vested interests of the IB chief, the back-ground of the protagonist, Vidya's landing up to Kolkata after two years since the disappearance of her husband with a state of advanced conceiving (pregnancy) and so on could have been cemented with sound reasoning.
    All the same, Kahaani as a film will not pass into oblivion. but will remain as a film-sweep. The most striking feature of the film is not merely unfolding the truth at the culmination, but the virtue of motherhood, no matter, if any motherhood is attributed as a defensive camouflaging.

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