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Kakhono Biday Bolo Na
Kakhono Biday Bolo Na rating: 4 out of 10

Dir: S.K. Murlidharan

Starring: Jishu Sengupta, Malabika, Uttam Mohanti and others ...

Story: Akash stays in North Bengal with his parents, sisters, grandfather and his brother in law. A rich man called Amit falls in love with Chutki at first sight.Amit’s father goes to Chutki’s house to fix their marriage.Akash comes to North Bengal as he studies ......

Genre: Drama, Romance

Review: Kakhono Biday Bolo Na is a story about love, emotions, suspense and how fate changes things so quickly in a film. The storyline of the film is quite different from the rest of the films and that is good news. This film is the comeback film of Jisshu ...

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Kakhono Biday Bolo Na

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