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Kanyadan  (1993 - Bengali)

story of Kanyadan, Kanyadan plot

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Kanyadan story, synopsis, plot

    Divya Solgama

    By Divya Solgama(22 May 2008)

    A little village - Durghara. Gopinath Badal, successor of the former landlords, often visits his ancestral home during Kalipuja. The Temple of goddess Kali is also ancestral property. Still now he pays all the money spent in this puja. Once, after distribution of ' Prasad' (offerings), Gopinath sits to listen ' Yatragan' - A musical tribute to goddess Kali. He is overwhelmed with the voice and the stage performance of the little girl named Minu. Minu or Mrinmayi's father, Hirambha Bhattacharya, is an honest priest to this temple for several years. Gopinath blesses his daughter and expresses his satisfaction about her. Incidentally Minu resembles goddess Kali. - her peach black complexion and her aggressive attitude - both remind everyone about the goddess. Inspite of quitting her education (study) at a very tender age, she doesn't lack intelligence. So, when villagers try to sacrifice a goat in the temple for an auspicious occassion in Badal's family, she protests alone. Later, many villagers came to support this little girl. Sacrifice of the poor animals in this Kali temple - is stopped forever. Minu grows up. Her marriage negotiations being refused one after another. neither she is fair, nor her father can afford the money needed for the dowry - so every grrom & his family turns down her father's proposal, Hirambha and her wife cry & regret, but the situation never changes. Once, Paresh Pal , a family friend, negotiates her marriage with an absolutely crazy boy. The boy, at last, touches his head to her feet & begins to cry. Hirambha , at everyday & night, at every moment of his life prays to the idol of goddess Kali, to find a suitable groom for his daughter. At last goddess Kali responded to his prayer. Nitai Chakroborty of Kalyani - a young, handsome & educated boy, comes to visit Minu. He is an employee & supplier of Kalyani bulb factory and the only son of his mother, who is paralysed and remained a bed patient. He agrees to marry Minu without any dowry or other demands. Hirambha's eyes fills with the tears of joy. He enters the Thakurghar, and remains gratetful to the goddess Kali for giving him such a suitable groom for her daughter. Minu falls in his love at first sight. But her dreams breaks down immediately. Netai's letter arrives with the news of his mother's death. According to Hindu rituals, he cannot marry within one year. So he suggests Hirambah to arrange his daughter's marriage eleswhere, otherwise she has to wait for him. Hirambha cries, prays to the goddess and can't decide what he should do. Finally, he arranges Minu's marriage in Sodapur, with Gangadhar Mukherjee's only son, a central goverment employee. Gangadhar demands gold as dowry, along with the other list of items. Hirambha, finding no other way, agrees with his demand. Badababu (Gopinath) has promised him that he'll pay all the money needed for his daughter's marriage. So Hirambha commits them. Arrangements go on, the date comes closer, invitation cards are ready, Hirambha goes to Calcutta, to meet Gopinath & pray for money. Unfortunetly he can't meet him, as he has heart attack and is lying in hospital bed, in a critical situation. Hirambha becomes spellbound, his fortune seems to be the biggest enemy. He returns back & goes to Gangadhar home to request him that he can't afford the money at the time. But he can't tell him the truth. Tired, Hirambha returns home. At last the auspicious date comes. The groom's family wants to see the ornaments. Hirambha assures them that everything was done properly & will be shown in time. Before the rituals ('Saat Pak') everybody saw Minu - shining with golds througout her body. A few villagers say that the ornaments look known to them. It is the first night of the couple, but before that, the truth is revealed to everyone - The old, honest priest of Dusghara Kali Temple, has stolen the goddess ornaments for his own daughter's marriage. Minu gets assulted in her in-laws house. In the way some suspicious men follows her. They attack her and try to snatch the jewellary from her hands. Suddenly a biker arrives, beats them up resques Minu. Minu recognizes the biker - Netai, the same boy who once, commited to marry her. At the last, Minu returns home. Hirambha, who was arrested last night, gets a bail & returns. Father & daughter returns the ornaments to Kalima. There is an agitation against them, from every corner of the village. Suddenly Gopinath arrives with his car. He requests the villagers to calm down. Hirambha comes to his feets & apologises. Gopinath takes his old priest in his arms and explins to everyone the real fact about the theft. He clarifies how his illness has forced this honest man to do such a thing. Netai enters, raises his voice against the dowry system. He promises, in front of everyone to marry Minu and calls them to stand against the system. Minu & Hirambha - being grateful to Netai, break into tears.