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Karnarjun  (1942 - Bengali)

story of Karnarjun, Karnarjun plot

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Karnarjun story, synopsis, plot

    Amitava Sengupta

    By Amitava Sengupta(13 Jul 2009)

    Karna was born in the womb of virgin Kunti. So he has no place in mother's breast, he was floated in a leather box in the river water. Childless carpenter couple picked up that new born child from that box. Radha became happy and being a mother and child Karna was saved. In his early youth Karna left home for learning. He won the heart of the teacher Parshuram by his own effort. Again Karna had to leave his teacher's den after being accused for having no identity. At that time there was competition on the skill on armory in Hastinapur. Arjun was praised only for that Duryadhan became envious. Suddenly Arjun's arrow was broken into pieces with some one other’s arrow. Karna moved forward but was rejected by Kripucharya for being a carpenter's son. Being dishearten when Karna was about to return, Duryadhan gave him assurance. He gave him his own crown and offered him the throne of Anga. Karna became the king. Duryadhan started finding way to destroy the Pandavas with the help of Shakuni's cleverness and Karna's bravery. A lac house was built. But with the help of Shakuni the Pandavas were saved. Shakuni wanted to kill the Kauravas with the help of Pandavas. The value of the life of the Pandavas was like that of hundred thrones. Another round of competition was about to happen in the sayambar of Panchali. But Droupadi refused to marry a carpenter's son even of he succeeded. So Karna was again insulted and dishearten. He met Pamabati daughter of king Bhadnashil, in the Sun Temple. She immediately chose him as her husband. Lord Narayana one day came himself to examine Karna, the king of Anga. He wanted human flesh as he was very hungry. With out any hesitation he brought his son Brishaketu for the hungry god. Lord Narayana was astonished at this and blessed him. Since that day Karna was known as 'Daata Karna'. The people of Pandava kingdom were living peacefully. To break that peace, Duryadhan arranged a chess game and invited Judhishtir compromising Shakuni. In the court of Kauravas, Judhishthir gradually lost everything. Droupadi was humiliated and the pandavs were exiled for 12 years in the forest and for one year they had to live in cognito. Even after 13 years Judhisthir did not want to get back his kingdom. As a messenger Krishna went to Hastinapur to beg five villages for five brothers. Duryadhan said that with out war he would not give as much land as is pierced by the point of a needle. The war is inevitable. Kurukshetra became the war field. There were thousands of soldiers on the side of Kauravas and there was only lord Narayan in the side of Pandavas. Son becomes the enemy of son. Mother Kunti became anxious. She rushed to her elder son Karna to give her identity. Helpless Karna disappointed his mother. He sent her back. Then he rushed to the war field to kill his enemies.