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Kisaan  (2009 - Hindi)

Kisaan cumulative rating: 2 out of 52/5 (27 users)

Kisaan critics rating: 1.75 out of 5 1.75/5 (4 critics)

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Kissan starring the Brothers Khan -- Arbaaz and Sohail -- is an old-fashioned family melodrama modeled loosely on Manoj Kumar's Upkaar. While that film, which focused on a clash of values between two brothers, one city-educated the other a rustic hand, was relevant and progressive for its times, this one is ultimately a vendetta film based on a similar premise, but with a central conflict that's embarrassingly archaic. more

Two surprises...One, KISAAN is the present-day interpretation of Manoj Kumar's classic UPKAR. With changes, of course. Two, going by the promos, the general feeling is that KISAAN is a shining example of regressive cinema. It isn't! With multiplexes spreading far and wide in the country, movies that ruled the roost in the 1970s - especially those depicting rural India - have disappeared from the face of Hindi movies.more

Nirmal (Romeo) a local goon or 'son of a gun' as the publicity says -- fights on the side of big business and development. Son of the soil Jigar (Sohail Khan) takes him on. The duo represents opposing ideologies of development versus tradition, urban versus rural values, but they share a belief in might is right. This film should not be judged by its publicity design -- the hoardings mislead you to into believing its going to be an inadvertent comedy. But Kisaan is better than that.more

Kisaan is the same old uneducated farmer exploited by bad city dude story, just being told 20 years later. I wonder why the director picked such an incongruous subject, considering there isn’t much freshness in the telling either. Having accepted that one basic point, Kisaan is an alright film, typical Bollywood fare, with an easily recognisable story, which is credited to Sohail Khan, who also acts in and produces the film. Sohail is like the karta dharta of the film.more