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Kites  (2010 - Hindi)

Kites cumulative rating: 2.75 out of 52.75/5 (80 users)

Kites critics rating: 2.45 out of 5 2.45/5 (11 critics)

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Two people (Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori), respectively romance another from the same family (Kangana Ranaut, Nicholas Brown), purely for the love of the money. The girl’s an illegal immigrant into the US from Mexico. The boy is the American half of various green card marriages on sale: “$1,000; honeymoon charges extra.” Both gatecrash into a Mafia home, hoping to settle in with the riches. The premise from hereon could takemore

The bigger the budget... the bigger the names... the bigger the hype, hoopla and razzmatazz... the bigger the expectations from the film. KITES has some of the biggest names in the business - Rakesh Roshan, Anurag Basu and Hrithik Roshan, to name a few - and the film, therefore, carries this gargantuan responsibility on its shoulders. It has to soar higher than the hits delivered by this trio. Anything less will just not do!more

Kites is a film about languages. The heroine speaks Spanish, the hero speaks English and there’s also a smattering of Hindi thrown in there somewhere. So how about a Bengali limerick to sum up the most awaited movie this summer? (The director would approve, we bet.) So in Sukumar Ray’s words: “Tele jole mish khay, shunechho ta keu ki?” Now, who is ‘oil’ and who is ‘water’ between Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu depends on you.more

Where's the chemistry? Where's the story? And where's the twist in the tale? Kites could have been that cross-over film that Bollywood has been dreaming about since long. Sadly, it flounders even before it can take off and soar...So what's holding it down? First and foremost, the film completely lacks a story (oops! it has three people credited for story: Anurag Basu, Akash Khurana, Robin Bhatt) and unfolds as an unabashed chasemore

In Kites, Barbari Mori's character presents herself as Natasha, the well-heeled fiancee of a wealthy casino owner's son, Tony. In reality, however, she's Linda, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who's secretly romancing Tony for his money. Basically, she's a really, really good-looking fraud. It's tempting to say this of Kites itself, which despite its slick image and incredibly beautiful stars is not what it claims to be. It's not a great actionmore

After being bombarded by endless marketing, the much awaited Kites remains a disappointing film, despite the heavyweights involved. Right from superstar Hrithik to producer Rakesh Roshan, who has himself delivered a series of hit films, to Anurag Basu, a competent next generation director not to forget Barbara Mori, the latest of a seemingly endless series of firangis who demand our attention with their curves and carefree ways. Hey, hang onmore

A Hrithik Roshan film, after a gap of two-and-a-half years, comes with a lot of expectations. Add to it a producer like Rakesh Roshan (who perhaps has the most impeccable record among filmmakers) and Anurag Basu as director you demand nothing less than excellence. But let's be fair and not let the monumental pressures cloud our judgement. As a standalone product, does their much talked-about Kites deliver? Well, it's got everything going for itmore

Let’s get this straight – Kites is no masterpiece. Rakesh Roshan comes up with a story which dates back to the Kati Patang era. Romance is brewed amidst Bollywood clichés where the heroine invites hero to dance in rains while leaving inhibitions behind or the hero lends his coat to the heroine when she is drenched. The characterizations are conventional and the plot is predictable. What still keeps you attached to Kites is Anurag Basu’smore

Back in the 80s, `Kites’ would have come with a tagline : a violent love story. In those days, giving a Hindi film an English language title without an explanatory subhead was a risky thing to do. In 2010, `Kites’ comes by itself, trying to coast on a polyglot mix : a tawny-chested Bollywood superstar, a bronzed-skinned Mexican beauty, and a few other people of indeterminate origin. But despite its global trappings, the beautifully shot `Kites’more

Without doubt, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori are two of the prettiest people you’re going to see on screen. Hrithik is staggeringly handsome and director Anurag Basu frames him in the tightest of tight close-ups. There is of course the requisite dance sequence and bare torso scene but even in moments of anguish, Hrithik’s blue-green eyes are ablaze. Barbara is lovely with real texture and a feisty spirit. Together they are so luminousmore

"Everyone waits for one lucky roll of dice to change their luck," says Hrithik Roshan in Kites. It seems like this roll of dice is going to make the ace actor lose out on a lot of image booty. The actor who is known to change all equations at the box office every one and half years with his single block buster release may have to truly compete now onwards if he wishes to stay afloat. The one other person who will end up defying his geniusmore