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Kites  (2010 - Hindi)

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Kites cumulative rating: 2.75 out of 52.75/5 (80 users)

Kites critics rating: 2.45 out of 5 2.45/5 (11 critics)

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  • Old Kite tied to a new string

    Kites rating: 5 out of 10(Vinayak Chandra wrote on 24 May 2010)

    For sure, the expectations are high to go for a movie like Kites, which marks the return of Hrithik Roshan on the big screen, almost after a gap of 2 years. Hit music, big banner and heavy promotion especially with it being labelled as a movie of INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS and what not. The movie had it all for it to gain the initial momentum, but is Kites really something which you can put up among the international standards?? Not at all Mr Rakesh Roshan! Foreign locales don’t make up for a movie of international standards, but it even needs a well written script.

    What the audience gets in the name of such hype and hoopla is nothing but a really done to death plot with nothing extraordinary about it. J (Hrithik Roshan) is a poor guy, who does almost anything for money. From cheating the bartender to getting into fake weddings, he does it all for money. As he puts it in the film ‘ every time a monetary source knocks his door, somehow he is too busy not to attend it” . But on a given day he decides to rectify this mistake and finally approves of the love of Gina (Kangna Ranaut) who lives a life of a princess in a house like a palace. What he considered as a correction of his mistake, actually turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. He falls in love with Natasha (Barbara Mori) who is the fiancée of Tony (Nicholas), brother of Gina and son of Rob (Kabir Bedi), who has law, order and system everthing in his pocket.

    Little does J know, that Rob and Tony just don’t like cheating and they don’t mind getting into the blood bath for that as well. He falls for Natasha, and so does she for him and whoa they run away. There begins the game of cat and rat, which dreadily carries itself to the last point of the movie. The movie begins with J thrown in a subconscious manner, and there onwards it goes on back n forth to the flashback mode.

    Now,first of all, its a typical masala film that has been attempted, and there the writing lacks a lot. It slows, it stretches, it just messes. Some scenes are just too hay wired. Not that it doesn’t have any good moment, but well the impact by them is overshadowed by the dreamily written sequences. In fact, the first half LITERALLY CRAWLS!!! And gives up all of it to the second half, which definitely is a worthy watch as compared to the first half.

    Kites is all about style and locales. Yeah that is what it is and unfortunately limits itself to it throughout. Majority of the film being done through subtitles thanks to the English – Mexican dialogues, the first half is dizzy mostly, though it does have some beautifully shot scenes, but the better is stored for second half, which clicks at places, but slips too. It has the Bollywoodish feel to it throughout, and sets itself onto a predictable path. The movie does touches you at instances, but by the time it does so, you realize the credits rolling. Specially for the climax, its nice to see something unsusual finally, as most film makers play safe and apply the tried and tested formula. Kudos for that. Coming to the romantic sequences, there are quite a few well penned scenes, while the comic ones are impressive only in bits and pieces. In fact at places, it looks just forced and just doesn’t giggle you any bit.

    Anurag Basu has proved himself in his past ventures, and even here he manages to hook you up for a good while, but fails in majority. The shadow scene, the climax, or the scene where Hrithik and Barbara go for a outing hiding from Tony and his family etc. are some of the best shot scenes, but well, another bunch of scenes are a bag of disappointment.
    But he does achieve success in developing a crackling chemistry between the lead pair. They look sizzling together and the no language barrier love is executed very well. Romantic scenes play a major role in whatever Kites strikes the chord about with.

    Music by Rajesh Roshan is very much decent. Perfect timing of the songs makes the visualing even better. Tum Bhi Ho Wahi, Zindagi Do Pal Ki and Dil Kyun Yeh Mera are just apt for the situations they are cut into. Also, Hrithik Roshan just beats himself at dancing with ‘Fire’. ‘Kites in the sky’ is set in for a romantic mood, going very well with the visual.

    Background Score my Salim – Suleiman is just superb. Racy,slick and it carries an international feel throughout. Special mention for the music during the finale action scene. Excellent.

    Action scenes by Mark Brooks, Bobby Burns, Edward Duran, Luca Ispirescu, Angelique Midthunder and Denny pierce is very good. The car dropping scene, or the air balloon scene is so perfectly shot, that they leave you under its awe. Though the finale action scene is quite justified, one just wishes it could have been dealt with in a better manner.

    Dialogues are quite good. Emotional ones or be it romantic, they do have their significance in the movie.

    Cinematography by Ayanka Bose is excellent. It is what works for the movie majorly.

    Screenplay is decent. It lacks grip at a lot of major points, which slows down the pace. Kites could have been a lot more crisper, which would have definitely fetched better ratings.

    Editing is good. It is slick, yet one wishes it to be more to the point and cut down of some stretched scenes.

    Hrithik Roshan is the star of the film, yet you miss Hrithik the actor here big time. He is among my top 3 actors, and it was disappointing to see him being repetitive at many points, while he kept on underplaying his character thouroughly. He is excellent in some scenes though especially the ones like where he runs to the train to hide away from Tony’s men, or during the climax, definitely. But on the whole Hrithik is below the par.

    Barbara Mori is fascinating. She is perfect for her part, and doesn’t disappoint at all. Fabulous at every shot. She seems to just live the role she is to enact. A really mature performance from her.

    Kangna Ranaut had a very cheesy role. A 20 mins cameo at most that she has, she enacts them well but its her sketch that takes her down. Wasted would be the right word for her.

    Nicholas Brown is below the bar. He has the looks of a perfect bad boy, but one wishes he could be perfect in his acting too.

    Kabir Bedi is good in his short role.

    Yuri (Jamal) acts wooden.

    Anand Tiwari (Robin) is very good as Hrithik’s best friend.

    My Fav scenes:

    Barbara slaps Hrithik and the emotional follow up


    The car dropping

    Shadow art

    On the whole Kites is a masala film, with no new angle. It has a old age story, with language barriers added as an icing, which even impresses but not enough to make up for the weak script. Crawling first half, but a decent second half is what it is about. Watch it for its cinematography and some sizzling chemistry between the leads.

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