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Krantiveer - The Revolution  (2010 - Hindi)

Krantiveer - The Revolution cumulative rating: 1.75 out of 51.75/5 (51 users)

Krantiveer - The Revolution critics rating: 1.6 out of 5 1.6/5 (5 critics)

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In an earlier century, it was the East India Company, a foreign corporation that sucked India dry. Now Indian companies bleed their own, this film submits, attributing farmers’ suicides to the state of corporate affairs: “Agar companies farming karengi, toh farmer kya karega! (If corporations work the farm, what’ll the farmer do).” Precious logic, that. After all, ‘agar tum pehnoge Rupa ke underwear aur banyan, toh Rupa kya pehnegi’more

Raising a strong voice against the system, corrupt netas, dishonest cops, fraudulent land sharks and the corrupt practices in general has been a fav subject of dream merchants in Bollywood. Mehul Kumar's KRANTIVEER [Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia] is best remembered, among other things, for Nana's fiery performance and his outburst in the finale, when he's about to be hanged in public. I distinctly recall, the single screens more

The first thing that strikes you about Krantiveer: The Revolution is its decibel level. It's a film that literally yells at you. Okay, so Nana Patekar too hollered at you a decade or so ago, when he redefined patriotism as a shrill and shrieky pulp slogan in films like Tiranga and Krantiveer. But that was when everyone was yelling in apna Bollywood and actors like Nana and Sunny were leading the yeller's bratpack.more

This sequel to the hit film Krantiveer has a cast comprising of new-comers. Jahan Bloch, Mehul Kumar’s daughter, essays the role of Roshni the progeny of Pratap (Nana) and Megha (Dimple). Jahan is strident and yells her heart out at every injustice that is shown. So you see her trashing an eve-teaser on a bus, egging on a harassed wife, playing out a sting on a creepy industrialist, taking on a bus conductor who refuses to give changemore

Mehul Kumar's last Krantiveer made it to the National Awards. The film was one of Nana Patekar's best. Now Mehul Kumar is back with another Krantiveer- The Revolution, only this time he has changed the gender of his Krantiveer and the film is neither inspiring nor moving. It only has an overconfident, tom boyish central protagonist who screams and shouts to give people her wake up call.more