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Kurbaan  (2009 - Hindi)

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No police. I’m gonna deal with them myself,” says Vivek Oberoi’s Ayaaz, I suspect, to his audience’s gentle snigger. This gent, who can slip in and out of an American accent at free will, is a TV reporter. And evidently, part-Rambo in his head as well. He gets a fine lead into a major case: massive mid-air bombing of a UN plane, which had carried with it his girlfriend (Diya Mirza). The huge American security establishmentmore

Stripped to its bone, Rensil D'silva's Kurbaan is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that seldom loses its grip on your attention. Credible performances from its leads, and a nail-biting screenplay make up for the plot holes that threaten to eat into this otherwise engaging film. Set in post-9/11 America, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan star as Avantika and Ehsaan, professors at a Delhi campus who move to New Yorkmore

Post 9/11, there's anger, distrust, suspicion, uneasiness all around. Not a day passes when you don't hear of terrorists killing civilians in the name of religion. Many storytellers have, in the past, narrated stories about terrorists and their nefarious and despicable plans. But let me state one thing categorically. You haven't watched a more profound, a more thought-provoking, a more dramatic storymore

The Quran mentions the term jihad 41 times. Love, peace, mercy and compassion find a mention 355 times. Why then is Islamic fundamentalism considered the biggest threat to civilisation today? Why are young men (and women), blinded by rage and revenge, ever ready to give up their lives and conscience to a bloody cause that seeks to only kill and destroy? Why is almost every country of the world tarred bymore

First things first. Kudos to Karan Johar for shifting gears completely and entering into serious territory. Of course, we do love him for his K-class cinema: all his crunchy popcorn films beginning with K, ever since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai redefined mainstream romance. But Kurbaan doesn't need the popcorn at all. It keeps the screen on overboil for most of its screen time with its hard-hitting storylinemore

You are not quite sure after watching Kurbaan what exactly the motive behind making the film is. Was it designed to be a thriller? Then, in the almost 2hrs and 40minutes of its running time, it's too long and dips at various points to be able to thrill you enough. Was it supposed to be a love story? Then it fails on that count because the 'lovers' in the film come across as shallow.more

To the new breed of slick, sharp Hindi-film directors, please welcome debutant Rensil D'Silva, who till the other day was best known as the guy who wrote Rang De Basanti. For once here's a film that does not feel long despite the two hours and 40 minutes. And if that's not enough to get you interested, here's the clincher. Kurbaan [ Images ] is bloody smart. In its taut screenplay, stylish photographymore

Kurbaan is an extremely confident debut film directed by Rensil D’Silva, a veteran advertising writer, who also penned the blockbuster Rang De Basanti. Despite a difficult subject that deals with terrorism and Islam, the director gets the tone and pitch of the film just right, a tricky art to pull off in a purely commercial space. While the recent New York was more flamboyant in its approach, Kurbaan is textured and well-measuredmore

Neither Fanaa nor New York, Kurbaan stands a ground of its own. Two strangers Avantika (Kareena) and Ehsaan (Saif) bump into each other trying to hail a cab. Once again their paths cross in a university and love blooms. Wanting to make a future in the US, they move into an Indian neighbourhood and soon things start unraveling. Avantika stumbles upon information that puts her life in danger, while Ehsaan's identitymore

KURBAAN is NEW YORK. But with a different set of actors. KURBAAN is also SHOOT ON SIGHT, again with different actors. The plot remains the same, the twists and turns fails to surprise you and the end is inevitable. However, here, the love story has been hyped, thanks to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor having an off-screen romance as well. But the intensity and the love undercurrentsmore

Kurbaan, noticeably, is set on the same plot of New York – the pun involves both the city and the cinema. And while in any other case this could have been a setback for the ulterior release, Karan Johar’s film, on the contrary, scores for being a more convincing and compelling version of the Yash Raj production that released few months back. Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) teaches at the university and falls in lovemore

A newly-married couple relocates from New Delhi to New York, and discovers there is more to their academically-inclined life—driving off from their suburban home every morning to teach, and coming back in the evening with groceries--- than meets the eye. In the house across lives a closed group of people, and everything starts to unravel rapidly when one of them, a desperate young woman in a ‘hijaab’, shows up at their doorstep, scared for her life.more

What if your husband - the man you love and share a home and bed with, turns out to be a terrorist? Kurbaan, produced by Karan Johar and directed by Rensil D’Silva, constructs this unimaginably tortured situation and then squanders it. The film has ambition but it is too flawed and simplistic to explore issues like religion, violence and the politics of terrorism with any conviction or gravitas.more