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Affleck, Fincher reunite

Affleck, Fincher reunite

Jan 16 2015 6:22PMActor Ben Affleck and director David Fincher, who enjoyed the success of their film “Gone Girl” last year, are reuniting for another project. The duo along with screenwriter Gillian Flynn will remake Alfred Hitchcock's classic “Strangers on a Train”, reports aceshowbiz. ...Read more

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Rod Tyler dies at 84

Rod Tyler dies at 84

Jan 11 2015 6:22PMActor Rod Tyler, the star of "The Birds" and "The Time Matchine" died at 84, just days ahead of his 85th birthday. Taylor died of natural causes Wednesday, his representative told people. ...Read more

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'Shada Kaalo… ' inspired by Hitchcock

'Shada Kaalo… ' inspired by Hitchcock

Nov 17 2013 5:07PMRiingo Banerjee as a filmmaker has always been intrigued, influenced and inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. His latest film Shada Kaalo Aabchaa, like Hitchcock’s films is a thriller and a small tribute to his idol. ...Read more

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Profession: Director, Actor, Producer

Movies: Frenzy (1972), Topaz (1969), Marnie (1964)

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