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Here comes the musical dhamaka!

Here comes the musical dhamaka!

Sep 12 2012 5:50PMFestive season is just around the corner and with this the captivating music of Are Avaaj Konacha was launched to add the zing in the entire celebration mood... ...Read more

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Are Avaaj Konacha on

Cast: Dr. Amol Kolhe, Uday Tikekar, Tushar Dalvi and others

Director: Hemant Deodhar

Genre - Drama, Political

Release Date - Oct 18, 2013

'Are avaaj konacha.......?' Are Avaaj Konacha …. ?, a slogan best known and said during many political campaigns by several opinion leaders. For years together this slogan have bought everyone together…. One inner voice slogan ....'Are avaaj konacha......?' With the change in time and high exposure the charm of our own ideologies of togetherness is lost. But ...More about Are Avaaj Konacha ...