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'Export - Mithya Kintu Sotti' release on Jan 9

'Export - Mithya Kintu Sotti' release on Jan 9

Jan 5 2015 4:45PM‘Export- Mithya Kintu Sotti’ is an unique Bengali film because it deals with an extremely strange subject – smuggling of embryo. Yes, Samir Banerjee has taken an extremely bold step of making a film such a subject. ...Read more

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Shooting of 'Tor Ektu Chhoya' wraps up

Shooting of 'Tor Ektu Chhoya' wraps up

Aug 4 2013 7:06AMThe shooting of Paresh Pal’s upcoming directorial venture Tor Ektu Chhoya wrapped up when its final scene was shot at Muktangan on Friday. The film has been produced by JMT Movies. ...Read more

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Surjo-The King's music launched

Surjo-The King's music launched

Oct 12 2012 6:15PMThe music launch of a new Bengali film called 'Surjo-The King' took place at Hotel Lindsay on Thursday. The film stars Abhishek Chatterjee, Neha, Mrinal Mukherjee, Anamika Saha, Arun Banerjee... ...Read more

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Profession: Actor

Movies: Deewana (2013), Idiot (2012), Macho Mustanaa (2012)

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