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Aadesh Shrivastava dies of cancer

Aadesh Shrivastava dies of cancer

Sep 5 2015 5:00PMBollywood music composer and singer Aadesha, who was battling with cancer, passed away here on Saturday. His cancer relapsed for the third time and he was in critical condition for over 40 days. ...Read more

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Aadesh Shrivastava to coach fans

Aadesh Shrivastava to coach fans

Apr 19 2013 2:45AMMusic director Aadesh Shrivastava, who has composed music for films like Baghban, Baabul and Raajneeti, will launch online singing classes for his fans.

"Good news for music lovers! Very soon I will start teaching classical and Bollywood singing classes online. ...Read more

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Best Holi songs of Bollywood. Celebrate Holi Bollywood ishtyle!

Best Holi songs of Bollywood. Celebrate Holi Bollywood ishtyle!

Mar 27 2013 12:20AMThis very colourful article has a list of the most popular Holi songs of bollywood. So make sure that when you celebrate Holi, these songs do play at your Holi parties! Also see the stars drop their guards and get playful in these mesmerizing Holi songs! A sureshot visual treat. Save it to your playlist of top Bollywood Holi songs.....Read more

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Divya Dutta feels Bollywood has improved

Divya Dutta feels Bollywood has improved

Feb 23 2013 3:22PMDivya Dutta, who was seen in a small but cute role in the recently released super-hit Special 26, feels that the film industry has become better for females. "I think Bollywood has got better... ...Read more

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Ravi Chopra's health deteriorating?

Ravi Chopra's health deteriorating?

Oct 25 2012 1:58PMAfter losing Yash Chopra to dengue, another member in the Chopra family seems to be fighting for his life in the hospital. We are talking about filmmaker Ravi Chopra, whose health seems to be deteriorating by the day. ...Read more

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Chiranjeet taking up Amitabh's role

Oct 13 2008 1:08PMDirector Sanghamitra Choudhury is now busy with the shooting of her film Jiban Rang Berang. The lead pair of this film is Chiranjeet and Debasree Roy. When asked whether this film is Bengali version of the Hindi super hit Baghban, the director explains that her story is based on the real life story and Baghban is an inspiration. ...Read more

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Ravi's B fascination

May 17 2008 12:00AMNames of Ravi Chopra's recent and upcoming films start with B! ...Read more

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Baghban on

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Salman Khan and others

Director: Ravi Chopra

Genre - Drama, Family

Release Date - Oct 03, 2003

A couple gives lot care and love to their children. They fulfill all their wishes and expect the same from them in their old age. But unfortunately their children do not realize their worth and consider them a burdern. They separate their parents from each other and behave rudely with them.More about Baghban ...