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Family not upset with leaked video: Mia Uyeda

Family not upset with leaked video: Mia Uyeda

Mar 16 2012 2:22PMCanadian model Mia Uyeda, who will be seen in the forthcoming movie "Blood Money", says her family is not upset after seeing the leaked intimate video from the film. "I was surprised because I had no idea about it. ...Read more

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Blood Money not an erotic thriller

Blood Money not an erotic thriller

Feb 29 2012 4:30PMThe leaked intimate scene from "Blood Money" was not marketing strategy, says Mahesh Bhatt adding that the film does not belong to the erotic thrillers genre like "Murder" and "Jism". ...Read more

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Blood Money on

Cast: Chia Hui Liu, Pitbull, Brad McMurray and others

Director: Gregory McQualter

Genre - Action, Thriller

Release Date - Feb 17, 2012

The journey of a man back to his love after his dreams are shattered. A man is in love with a girl whose parents do not allow her to marry him. They run away and get married. Kunal starts working in a diamond exporting business but gets dragged into the underworld.More about Blood Money ...