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'Chhoan' music album launched

'Chhoan' music album launched

Apr 23 2012 9:20AMThe music launch of a Bengali film ‘Chhoan’ was held at Planet M (Mani Square) in presence of the crew and a few members of the cast like Riju Biswas and Siddharta on Saturday. ...Read more

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Choayan goes on the floors

Choayan goes on the floors

Feb 2 2012 12:00AMChoayan', a new Bengali film is on the floors. The film stars Rudranil Ghosh, Tanusree, Riju Biswas, Rita Koyral, Sumanta Mukherjee, Siddharta, Rhea and others. The film is being directed ...Read more

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Chhoan on

Cast: Rudranil Ghosh, Tanusree, Wriju Biswas and others

Director: Shibendu Guha Biswas

Genre - Drama, Family

Release Date - Jul 06, 2012

The film is all about Chhoan ,a girl whose behaviour is dysfunctional and she is a sort of a loner who becomes very depressed after her father’s death early in her life. Her mother’s death later on makes on even more depressed and eccentric. Her only soulmate is her childhood friend Suranjan . Later on she comes in contact with Riju who comes into her life and also dissapears without ...More about Chhoan ...