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Music of Chupi Chupi launched

Music of Chupi Chupi launched

Apr 6 2013 4:00AMAbir Basu, who’s last directorial venture had released way back in 1983, is back with a film calledi. The film stars debutants Ritojit and Priyanka. The film is a love story based on the Ghoti Bangal theme. ...Read more

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Chupi Chupi on

Cast: Ritojit, Priyanka Haldar, Laboni Sarkar and others

Director: Abir Bose

Genre - Family, Romance

Release Date - Jun 07, 2013

Chupi Chupi is a one such film about Ghotis and Bangals. Gourabh(Ritojit) and Jonaki(Priyanka) love each other but there are problems since one is from a Bangal family and one is from a Ghoti family. Jonaki goes to Kolkata with a job to get away from her father and joins a company where she meets up with Gourabh who incidentally also works there . However the main problem lies ...More about Chupi Chupi ...