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Jagran Film Fest commemorates Bimal Roy

Jagran Film Fest commemorates Bimal Roy

Sep 24 2014 5:17PMBimal Roy, the Silent Master of Indian Cinema piloted the golden age of cinema in the 1940's. A socially committed director, his films had the power to inspire and move audiences. ...Read more

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Do Bigha Zamin on

Cast: Balraj Sahni, Meena Kumari, Hiralal and others

Director: Bimal Roy

Genre - Social

Release Date -

After years of drought, the region finally gets rain, leading to the farmers to rejoice. The Zamindaar wants to build a mill and thus to create employment for the villagers, and also wants to bring electricity to the village. He wants Shambu (Balraj Sahni) to give up his farm land. Shambu refuses. Thakur claims that he is owed Rs. 235/- and he takes Shambhu to court. As per court decision ...More about Do Bigha Zamin ...