Recent Hollywood Features


Recent Hollywood Features

7 Important lessons you can learn about Life & Business from Life Of Pi

01 Dec 2012Undoubtedly, Ang Lee's latest film Life Of Pi takes its audience on a magnificent journey. But what cannot be ignored are the wonderful lessons it subtly carries; lessons which, if inculcated in our life and business, will help us achieve a lot more than we could have ever imagined!..Read more

[Review] Life Of Pi – A must watch to wake up the adventurer in you

23 Nov 2012Unlike most novel based films, Life Of Pi does not make us grumble. Instead, it takes us on a journey that is more magnificent than our imagination! Shoumo Bhattacharya, who saw the movie before most others, tells us why he thinks this movie deserves to win Academy Awards...Read more

[Review] Skyfall – A true ‘Resurrection’, an apt 50th birthday present for all Bond fans

02 Nov 2012It's 50 years since James Bond first made his presence felt in the world. With the latest 007 flick out, Shoumo Bhattacharya pens his opinion about the movie. Read this beautifully crafted Skyfall review, and watch your eagerness to watch this exciting movie rise!..Read more

The Top 10 Bond Girls of all time

01 Nov 2012The James Bond series is as incomplete without the Bond girls as it would be without the spy himself. So giving these hot beauties their due credit, here is a list of the most popular Bond girls...Read more

[Infographic] The global journey of James Bonds through his 50 years

31 Oct 2012The mighty James Bond has left an impression across the world, spanning 5 continents! Here's a quick look at the countries in which the Bond has traveled during his missions over 50 years...Read more

The Amazing Spider-Man all set to enter Rs. 100 crores club in India

29 Jun 2012Spider-Man, one of Hollywood's most successful franchises is going to hit theatres once again with “The Amazing Spider-Man” on June 29 and this could become the first Hollywood movie to enter the elite Rs. 100 crores club in India...Read more

I wont be the same after this: Diane Kruger

09 Oct 2009Diane Kruger talks about getting a part in Inglourious Basterds and why she was the right choice for playing the German character. She talks about working with Quentin Tarantino, the directors apparent fixation with feet and how her life has changed after doing this movie..Read more

There is a sense of humour in all of my movies: Quentin Tarantino

01 Oct 2009Quentin Tarantino talks about Inglourious Basterds, his movies and creating a new style of movie making with cult following. He also talks about learning filmmaking from unconventional sources and picking the right people to work with. He adds, that his mother left an indelible impression on him leading to presence of strong female characters in his movies..Read more

I feel so honored to be able to do what I do: Mike Myers

30 Sep 2009Mike Myers of Austin Powers fame talks about growing up with war movies and getting involved with Inglourious Basterds. When Quentin Tarantino called him, they traded movie knowledge and on the sets, he brought his own inputs to the movie. He also adds about playing football, taking up painting, taking movies to Cannes and how he would miss his father watching his new movie..Read more

The military costumes of G. I. Joe

19 Aug 2009All that you wanted to know about the military gear used in G. I. Joe and the thin line between science fiction and science fact. The world of G.I. JOE is filled with fantastical sounding military gear. Accelerator Suits, Liquid Armor, camouflage that makes you invisible in any environment. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but all this equipment is actually closer to science fact. These technologies already exist in some form or another, from concept phase to manufacturing stage. What the G.I. JOE filmmakers did was take these technologies and imagine where they would be ten or twenty years from now...Read more